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The Contradictions of Culture

The Contradictions of Culture
Cities, Culture, Women

March 2001 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this book, one of the most accomplished and thoughtful cultural commentators of the day, considers the contradictory nature of cultural relations. Elizabeth Wilson explores these themes through an examination of fashion, feminism, consumer culture, representation and postmodernism. Debates within feminism on the nature and effects of pornography are used to illustrate a particular kind of cultural contradiction. Wilson recognizes that postmodernism permitted the reappropriation of subjects that were not previously considered worthy of attention, or opposed to the idea of emancipation, chief among these was fashion. She shows that the association of an interest in this culturally significant subject with a revisionist project raises doubts about the coherence of postmodernism itself.

Incoherent Feminism
The 1990s

The Unbearable Lightness of Diana
Feminist Fundamentalism
These New Components of the Spectacle
Fashion and Postmodernism

The Sphinx in the City Reconsidered
The Invisible Fl[ci]aneur
The Invisible Fl[ci]aneur

Looking Backward
Urban Nostalgia

Writing the Romance of the Suburbs
A Review of Literature

Living Dolls
Bricolage City
Myths of Brighton

Dogs in Space
Notes on the Erotic City
Against Utopia
The Romance of Indeterminate Spaces


"Elizabeth Wilson is one of the most incisive and critical commentators on the contemporary scene. This excellent book brings together several of her most fascinating essays and frames them within a compelling overview of cultural politics." 

Jim McGuigan
Loughborough University, UK

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