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The EAL Teaching book

The EAL Teaching book
Promoting success for multilingual learners

Second Edition (Revised Edition)

November 2015 | 216 pages | Learning Matters
As the number of children for whom English is an Additional Language in schools increases, how do teachers and trainees prepare to support them to succeed?  

This text is their toolkit.  A complete guide to understanding, learning from and teaching bilingual and EAL children in schools.

The text begins by asking 'who are EAL learners' and challenges some of the misconceptions about this group.  It goes on to examine language in depth, providing focused theory to help teachers and trainees better understand the wider context of children's needs.  This theory is supported by a wealth of information on practical teaching strategies and resources in the promoting learning section.  The text covers planning across the curriculum for EAL, assessing EAL and bilingual learners and classroom organisation, offering day-to-day practical support for teachers.

New to this second edition is a chapter on Using home languages and cultures in learning as well many new case studies from practising teachers offering insight and knowledge on teaching this particular group.

Part 1 - Understanding multilingual and EAL learners
Chapter 1 : Introducing multilingual and EAL learners
Chapter 2 : All about language and learning
Chapter 3 : What does it mean to be multilingual?
Part 2 - Promoting Learning - Practical approaches for multilingual and EAL learners
Chapter 4 :Planning across the curriculum for multilingual and EAL learners
Chapter 5: Strategies and resources for learning across the curriculum
Chapter 6: Assessing multilingual and EAL learners across the curriculum
Chapter 7: Promoting independence : using home languages and cultures in learning
Chapter 8: Conclusions- synthesis learning and moving on

This is an excellent book for both students and teachers. It is easy to read, with clear, practical advice on teaching children with English as an additional language.

Mrs Mandy Pierlejewski
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Beckett University
June 28, 2018

Very easy to navigate and to access content

Mr Philip Jefferies
Department of Primary Education, University of Greenwich
April 1, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introducing multilingual and EAL learners