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The Early Career Framework Handbook

The Early Career Framework Handbook

July 2020 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Teaching is a career-long journey of professional learning and development.

The Chartered College of Teaching are on hand to help you through your career journey. 

This handbook is your guide to, and companion for, the Early Career Framework (ECF).  It is both useful and thought-provoking – and includes chapters covering all aspects of the ECF from well-known teachers and researchers across the world of education.

Part 1: Building a productive classroom environment
Amy Forrester
1. Managing behaviour effectively
Adam Boxer
2. Pupil motivation
Marc Smith
3.Setting and maintaining high expectations
Part 2: Supporting learning and development
Nick Rose
4. Understanding memory
Jonathan Firth and Nasima Riazat
5. Memories that stick
Pritesh Raichura
6. Building understanding
Andy Tharby
7. Talk in the classroom
Christian Bokhove and Ryan Campbell
8. Adapting teaching
Karen Wespieser and Simon Knight
9. Supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
Alex Quigley
10. Developing literacy (secondary)
Megan Dixon
11. Developing literacy (primary)
Part 3: Understanding curriculum and assessment
Niki Kaiser
12. Gauging understanding and identifying misconceptions
Velda Elliot
13. Feedback and marking
Mark Priestley and Nienke Nieveen
14. Understanding curriculum
Clare Sealy
15. Planning curriculum and progression
Part 4: Being a learning professional
Reuben Moore and Faye Craster
16. Professional learning and growth
Mark Enser
17. Engaging with research
Bukky Yusuf
18. Managing your wellbeing
Rob Webster
19. Professional relationships

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