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The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections

The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections

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August 2015 | 88 pages | Corwin

Blogging, social media, and PLN’s made easy!

Collectively, we’re all smarter than we are individually.  In this expert guide, EdTech leaders help you harness the power of connected collaboration using the Internet and social media. You’ll easily leverage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond for profound professional growth.  Use real-world tips and tools to:

  • Master and adapt to 21st Century teaching methodologies
  • Build ongoing technology literacy for you and your students
  • Connect and collaborate with education leaders across the globe

Get connected. Get engaged. Use this inspiring, step-by-step manual to expand your personal and professional network today!

The Corwin Connected Educators series is your key to unlocking the greatest resource available to all educators: other educators. Being a Connected Educator is more than a set of actions: it’s a belief in the potential of technology to fuel lifelong learning. To explore the other books in this series, visit the Corwin Connected Educators website.

Check out the Connected Educator Series matrix to find out which book is right for you.   

 "The successful educator is a connected educator. Quite simply, this book is a manual to stay relevant and energized in a rapidly changing profession. I highly recommend this as the definitive guidebook on building connections for the modern educator."
Vicki Davis, Author "Reinventing Writing"

Tom Whitby has brought together a who's who list any educator would want to be connected with and learn from!  His latest book shares great ideas on how teachers can use online strategies as one way to look and learn beyond our all-too-often isolated classrooms.
Larry Ferlazzo, Award-Winning Teacher, Blogger, and Author
Helping Students Motivate Themselves

Tom Whitby
Personalized Learning
Kyle Pace
Digitally Enhanced Leadership
Kristen Swanson
Empowered Professional Learning
Steven W. Anderson
Authentic Learning
George Couros
Shannon Miller
Giving Our Students A Voice Through Global Connections
Lisa Nielsen
Student Personal Learning Networks
Adam Bellow
Digital Learning Tools
Pam Moran
Putting the Horse Before the Cart: Contemporary Learning and Practice as Policy Drivers


Key features
  • Learn how Connected Education impacts every aspect of education from policy to professional learning to student voice
  • Gain insights from some of the most impactful Connected Educators
  • Provides the perfect starting point for someone not sure how to get connected
  • Introduces readers to some of the themes of connected education: Personalized Learning, Authentic Learning, Digital Leadership, Student Voice

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