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The Essential School Counselor in a Changing Society

The Essential School Counselor in a Changing Society

First Edition

February 2014 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Jeannine R. Studer’s The Essential School Counselor in a Changing Society offers a practical approach to helping students understand the methods and standards in contemporary school counseling. Integrating the new ASCA model as well as the CACREP Standards across all areas of school counseling practice, this core text provides a unique and relevant perspective on the 21st century school counselor. Studer focuses on ethics and ethical decision making, as well as contemporary issues faced by today’s counselor—such as crisis response, career counseling and advisement, group counseling, advocacy, and collaboration. The text begins with coverage of school counseling foundations, addresses intervention and prevention, and devotes the final section to enhancing academics through a positive school culture.

Section I. Foundations of School Counseling
Chapter 1: From Guidance Worker to Professional School Counselor
Chapter 2: The School Counselor and Ethical and Legal Issues
Chapter 3: Comprehensive and Developmental School Counseling Programs
Chapter 4: The School Counselor’s Role in Assessment and Research
Section II. Counseling, Intervention, and Prevention
Chapter 5: The School Counselor as a Group Leader and Facilitator
Chapter 6: Individual Counseling in the School Environment
Chapter 7 : The School Counselor’s Role in Crisis Counseling
Chapter 8: The School Counselor and Career Counseling
Section III. Enhancing Academics Through a Positive School Culture
Chapter 9: The School Counselor’s Role in Academic Achievement
Chapter 10: Developmental and Multicultural Issues of School-Aged Youth
Chapter 11: The School Counselor as an Advocate and Leader
Chapter 12: The School Counselor as Consultant and Collaborator
Michael Bundy
The School Counselor as a Leader in a Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Program
Aaron Oberman
The School Counselor and Career Counseling
Deborah Buchanan
The School Counselor's Role in Academic Achievement
Tara Jungersen, Carolyn Berger
The School Counselor as a Group Leader and Facilitator


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  • A Microsoft® Word® test bank, written by Jeannine Studer, available containing multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions for each chapter. The test bank provides you with a diverse range of pre-written options as well as the opportunity for editing any question and/or inserting your own personalized questions to effectively assess students’ progress and understanding.
  • Editable, chapter-specific Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides offer you complete flexibility in easily creating a multimedia presentation for your course. Highlight essential content, features, and artwork from the book.

“A relevant resource for school counselors.”

Cynthia T. Walley
Hunter College, CUNY

“This text is a valuable contribution to the profession, addressing the multi-dimensional and complex roles and responsibilities of the 21th century school counselor. It is a foundational text that counselor-educators can utilize throughout a master’s degree program in mentoring interns into the profession.”

Diana L. Stephens
California Lutheran University

“I like the fact that not only does this text address the CACREP standards for school counseling but it also provides excellent examples and applications of school counseling within the ASCA National Model framework!”

Karen D. Rowland
Mercer University

“This book provides a well-rounded perspective of the 21st century Professional School Counselor.”

Theresa A. Coogan
Bridgewater State University

Excellent text, with current topics. Written in a practical tone as well.

Dr Gabriel Lomas
Education & Educ Psych Dept, Western Connecticut State Univ
September 22, 2014

Committee decision.

Dr Bal Barot
Science, Lake Michigan Clg-Napier Ave
May 27, 2014
Key features
  • ASCA and CACREP standards are integrated throughout.
  • Case examples bring concepts and theories to life.
  • Practice Exercises help readers apply their learning in a hands-on way.
  • All contemporary areas of practice encountered by the 21st century school counselor are examined, including crisis response, group counseling, advocacy, and more!
  • Activities challenge readers to think outside the box.
  • Coverage of a wide range of topics provides students the opportunity to understand both contemporary and historical issues, as well as recognize the development of the field.
  • Discussions on assessment and research are included.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Chapter 6

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