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The Evolution of Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections

The Evolution of Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections
Landmark Documents, 1787-2007

Edited by:
  • Randall E. Adkins - University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA, Concord College, California University of Pennsylvania

February 2008 | 360 pages | CQ Press

Primary source materials are a great way for students to experience firsthand a historic event, to more fully understand a pivotal actor or figure, or to explore legislation or a judicial decision. Students leave these readings better prepared to grapple with secondary sources. In fact, they can often support a different interpretation or more critically engage with analysis. This new volume—with 50 documents that include speeches, court cases, letters, diary entries, excerpts from autobiographies, treaties, legislation, regulations and reports, documentary photographs, ad stills, public opinion polls, transcripts, and press releases—is a great starting point for any parties and elections course. Careful editing, pithy headnotes, and discussion questions all enhance this useful reader.

Unlike the name which sounds to be more focused on the political campaigns, book seems to be more law-oriented, thus not fully suitable for media students. Yet, book offers very interesting collection of documents for more engaged students, thus was adopted as supplemental reading, especially for those who want to use the information discussed in the book within their projects.

Mr Ilkin Mehrabov
Dept of Media & Communication Studies, Karlstad University
July 9, 2012

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