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The Greying of India

The Greying of India
Population Ageing in the Context of Asia

June 2004 | 467 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
`The author should be commended for providing single volume source of vital statistical data and a scientific overview on population ageing in Asia. The book makes useful reading for anyone interested in the science and care of the aged' - Age and Ageingi

The Greying of India analyses the size, age/sex composition, spatial distribution, and social and economic conditions of the ageing population in India in the larger context of Asia. It looks for the factors responsible for the age profile of the population and seeks answers to questions such as: is fertility a more dominating factor than mortality?; and what is the role of migration in changing the age composition of a population?

It investigates the implications of an ageing population for socio-economic development programmes, health care, savings, investments, consumption patterns, work force participation, migration and social security. It also scrutinises the role of the family in supporting the aged.

Foreword Tim Dyson
Ageing in Asia: A Broad Overview  
What Causes Population Ageing?  
What is Ageing?  
Ageing and Development  
Status of the Aged  
Graceful Ageing  
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This book is a useful treatise on the technical and substantive aspects of ageing that highlights many hitherto unexplored areas. Besides, it also emphasises many areas that require policy intervention. In reiterating the need for graceful ageing, it suggests the scope for initiatives from non-government organisations (NGOs) and activists.

Contributions to Indian Sociology

The book presents a comprehensive analysis (with the help of tons of data and mind-boggling tables and charts) of the causes and consequences of ageing and possible solutions of the problems thrown up by this phenomenon of the rapidly growing population of the aged in India. The book admirably explains how a rapid and spectacular transition from high to relatively low mortality and fertility rates has fundamentally altered the age composition of India`s population.

The Tribune

This useful book by a demographer at kolkata university provides a comprehensive description on demographic trends in Asia and implications of aging for development. Developing Asian countries are in early stages of addressing longevity, inflation and survivor risks. This is an area where considerably greater policy-oriented research is needed.

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