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The Life of Z

The Life of Z
Understanding the Digital Pre-teen and Adolescent Generation

First Edition
  • Debashish Sengupta - the author of the award-winning book The Life of Y: Engaging Millennials as Employees and Consumers

February 2020 | 276 pages | SAGE Select
A Swedish teenager, Greta Thunderberg, has become the poster girl for the Climate Change and Sustainability movement across the world. All of 16 years, she has been nominated for the Nobel prize and has been on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Greta personifies and symbolizes zeners, who are nothing like any previous generation the world has ever seen. These pre-teens & teens are unique, world changers and perhaps the only hope for this planet. Yet, if not nurtured, they are at the risk of being lost due to the ignorance of institutions and individuals.

The Life of Z packs extensive real-life narratives and thought provoking analysis to help us understand this generation born 2000 and after to engage with them for a better future for them and for all of us.

The New ‘Zeneration’
Boats in the Ocean
How Did the Zebra Get the Stripes?
The Digital Dilemma
Trouble in Paradise
Devil in Disguise
Lighthouse on the Beach
Learning to Live with Paradoxes
Who Is Generation Z?

It is a path-breaking book on the youngest generation right now on this planet earth—the pre-teens and teens. No one has understood them the way Dr Sengupta has. He has decoded their mindsets, attitudes and behaviours and at the same time brought forth some very compelling aspects of their lives. Reading this book today will help us nurture a generation for the future. I wonder why no one wrote such books on us when we were growing up. Believe me, this is a must-read for everyone, and this book should be on your desk.

Syed Kirmani,
cricketing hero and legend; Padma Shri awardee; Arjuna Award winner; winner of ‘Best Wicket-Keeper of the World’ title

‘The Life of Z is a thoughtful book that brings into focus issues that affect Gen Z and shows how we can help nurture an extraordinary generation of achievers and change makers.’

Ravi Venkatesan,
UNICEF Special Representative for Young People

The Life of Z is a fascinating journey that opened my eyes to the importance of Gen Z and the differences that digital transformation has brought to the way they think and operate. Gen Z are already the largest segment and increasingly our customers, employees and the future of society. The Life of Z puts the spotlight on this most important topic in the unique and engaging style of Debashish Sengupta, which is both informative and academic but also creative. This is an important text that helps to understand the challenges and opportunities of Gen Z in a digital age.

Dr Alex Fenton,
Salford Business School, UK

Once again, Dr Sengupta has been able to put into words the mindset of a generation. The aptly named ‘zeners’ or Gen Z hold the key to sustained success. This insight will help us change our business model so that we can attract Gen Z customers in the future. Hopefully, we have created a brand that these young people will be inspired to work for.

James Murphy,
CEO of Plant Happy & B Sustainable; Founder of the Lotus Awards, London, UK

Dr Debashish Sengupta is a talented author, and this book proves to be unflinchingly honest, thorough, wholesome and extremely helpful. I can’t imagine how challenging it would have been to write about Gen Z. It is an ultimate guide to everyone in understanding the art of getting along better with Generation Z, or as the author aptly calls them—‘the zeners’.

Dr Padmasri Ayyagari,
MBBS, DGO, FRCOG, UK; MBA (Hospital Management); Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Al Salam International Hospital, Kuwait

Dr Sengupta has done it again. After The Life of Y, he is back with his trademark qualitatively abstracted approach to demystify and help appreciate the code, driving the generation referred to as Z. What is quite contrasting with his approach is something I have practised in my career: to stop trying to cure others and instead to try to care for them. I wish him lots of joy and happiness through this book. Hope this book helps improve the lives of many ‘zeners’ and their stakeholders.

Naga Siddharth,
CHRO and Head Teacher, Excellence, Vedantu; Curator at, Bengaluru, India

Professor Sengupta has extended our understanding of the post-2000 born youth of our planet. This time, he has addressed the environmental and social factors that form their psychological traits and values pre-work employment. This helps employers, colleagues and marketers better understand the forming norms which have created the outlooks of these unique individuals.

Dr Bernard O’Meara, PhD,
Marquis Who’s Who, Australia

I heard Debashish talk about The Life of Y in Mumbai in September 2017. His expert knowledge of the subject was both infectious and enlightening. The Life of Z is a book of its time, one that will shine a light on how today’s young people think, behave and see the world they live in. It is a valuable resource for us all.

Stuart Thomas,
Director, Masgroves, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

After the success of The Life of Y, which has become a guide for many organizations and marketers to understand millennial behaviour, Dr Debashish Sengupta has come up with another gem—this time on an even more important and complex topic that will help parents, teachers, institutions and businesses understand and engage with today’s pre-teens and adolescents. The Life of Z is truly the ABC of understanding this entire generation.

K. Sivakumar,
Co-founder and CEO, Saluto Wellness Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India

It is a fascinating insight into the mind of the young, digital generation. This pioneering study provides its readers with awareness on what to expect from the first cohort that grew up with technology, enabling them to access and share information instantly and across the globe—and what has been the impact of this on Generation Z. It is an enlightening read for corporate readers, those in the field of education and parents alike.

Virpi Tarantino,
Executive Manager, Learning and Development, Oman Insurance Company, Dubai

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