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The Multiracial Experience

The Multiracial Experience
Racial Borders as the New Frontier

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November 1995 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In her bold new edited volume, The Multiracial Experience, Maria P. P. Root challenges current theoretical and political conceptualizations of race by examining the experience of mixed-race individuals. Articulating questions that will form the basis for future discussions of race and identity, the contributors tackle concepts such as redefining ethnicity when race is less central to the definition and how a multiracial model might dismantle our negative construction of race. Researchers and practitioners in ethnic studies, anthropology, education, law, psychology, nursing, social work, and sociology add personal insights in chapter-opening vignettes while providing integral critical viewpoints. Sure to stimulate thinking and discussion, the contributors focus on the most contemporary racial issues, including the racial classification system from the U.S. Census to the schools; the differences between race, ethnicity, and colorism; gender and sexuality in a multicultural context; ethnic identity and identity formation; transracial adoption; and the future of race relations in the United States. The Multiracial Experience opens up the dialogue to rethink and redefine race and social relations in this country. This volume provides discussions key to all professionals, practitioners, researchers, and students in multicultural issues, ethnic relations, sociology, education, psychology, management, and public health. "Dr. Maria P. P. Root's . . . discussions are thoughtful, analytical, and informative. Root argues that the emergence of a racially mixed population is transforming the racial character of the United States and that the increasing presence of multiracial people necessitates Americans to ask questions about their identity." --Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism "Finally, in one volume, ammunition for the informed debate about what multiculturalism means in the United States." --Lise Funderburg, author of Black, White, Other: Biracial

Maria P P Root
The Multiracial Experience
Racial Borders as a Significant Frontier in Race Relations

Maria P P Root
A Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People
Carlos A Fernández
Government Classification of Multiracial/Multiethnic People
Susan R Graham
The Real World
Deborah A Ramirez
Multiracial Identity in a Color-Conscious World
Ruth G McRoy and Christine C Iijima Hall
Transracial Adoptions
In Whose Best Interest?

Cynthia L Nakashima
Voices from the Movement
Approaches to Multiraciality

Michael C Thornton
Hidden Agendas, Identity Theories, and Multiracial People
G Reginald Daniel
Black and White Identity in the New Millenium
Unsevering the Ties That Bind

Naomi Zack
On Being and Not-Being Black and Jewish
Jan R Weisman
An `Other' Way of Life
The Empowerment of Alterity in the Interracial Individual

Lillian Comas-Díaz
Mental Health Issues of African Latinas

Teresa Kay Williams
Race as Process
Reassessing the `What Are You?' Encounters of Biracial Individuals

Lynda D Field
Piecing Together the Puzzle
Self-Concept and Group Identity in Biracial Black/White Youth

Rebecca Chiyoko King and Kimberly McClain DaCosta
Changing Face, Changing Race
The Remaking of Race in the Japanese American and African American Communities

Brian Chol Soo Standen
Without a Template
The Biracial Korean/White Experience

George Kitahara Kich
In the Margins of Sex and Race
Difference, Marginality, and Flexibility

Karen Maeda Allman
(Un)Natural Boundaries
Mixed Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Francine Winddance Twine
Heterosexual Alliances
The Romantic Management of Racial Identity

Caroline A Streeter
Ambiguous Bodies
Locating Black/White Women in Cultural Representations

Nancy G Brown and Ramona E Douglass
Making the Invisible Visible
The Growth of Community Network Organizations

Ronald David Glass and Kendra R Wallace
Challenging Race and Racism
A Framework for Educators

Teresa Kay Williams et al
Being Different Together in the University Classroom
Multiracial Identity as Transgressive Education

Francis Wardle
Multicultural Education
Christine C Iijima Hall
A Race Odyssey


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