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The Perfect Pill

The Perfect Pill
10 Steps to Build a Strong Healthcare Brand

March 2020 | 316 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Watch the “Perfect Pill Series’ to understand how build and sustain a healthcare brand!

“How can I build my brand when it is just a me-too?” is the quintessential question asked by every healthcare marketing professional in India. With over a hundred brands of the same kind and plethora of patented yet very similar molecules, brand building and creating a competitive advantage is challenging in the Indian Healthcare Industry.

This book propagates a robust, ten-step, healthcare brand-building model that helps you create the much-needed differentiation that results in unique customer value. The steps suggested in book help in creating an ultimate win-win situation for patients, doctors, and sales and marketing teams.

Foreword by Ambi Parameswaran
It’s Different in India
Brands Bring Benefits
Step 1: Know Your Brand
Differentiation through Product
Step 2: Define Market, Segment and Target
Differentiation through Market Definition and Specific Targeting
Step 3: Customer Insight
Creating Customer Value
Step 4: Analyze Competition
Differentiation through PODs
Step 5: Brand Value Proposition and Positioning
Differentiation through Unique BVP
Step 6: Brand Personality and Articulation
Differentiation through Distinct Brand Personality and Hallmarks
Step 7: Brand Strategy
What to Do and What Not to Do
Step 8: Communication and Creative Strategy
Differentiation through Clutter Breaking Creatives
Step 9: Media Strategy
Making Optimal Noise to Make a Difference
Step 10: Brand Measurement and Expansion
Measuring Success

‘Indian pharmaceutical Industry is rightly called the pharmacy of the world. Brand is fundamental and patient is at the center of what we do in this industry. This book is timely and puts focus on patient insights, which is key in taking forward the agenda of value creation both for patients and companies. The Perfect Pill will be a useful book for all interested in the health care space and will serve as thought starter for making a real difference in this sunrise sector.’

Sudarshan Jain,
Secretary General, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance and Former MD, Abbott Healthcare

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ISBN: 9789353882518