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The Politics of the Presidency

The Politics of the Presidency

Eleventh Edition

February 2024 | 672 pages | CQ Press
Get the most up-to-date coverage and analysis of the presidency with this comprehensive text.

Never losing sight of the foundations of the office, The Politics of the Presidency maintains a balance between historical context and contemporary scholarship on the executive branch, providing a solid foundation for any presidency course. Now in its Eleventh Edition, Maltese, Rudalevige, and Pika thoroughly analyze the change and continuity in Biden's first two and a half years in office and look forward to the competitive setting for the 2024 presidential race.

Part I: The President and the Public
Chapter 1: The Changing Presidency
Chapter 2: Election Politics
Chapter 3: Public Politics
Chapter 4: Presidential Character and Performance
Part II: The President and the Government
Chapter 5: Legislative Politics
Chapter 6: Executive Politics
Chapter 7: Judicial Politics
Part III: The President and Public Policy
Chapter 8: The Politics of Domestic Policy
Chapter 9: The Politics of Economic Policy
Chapter 10: The Politics of Foreign Policy
Chapter 11: Joseph R. Biden Jr.: Moving Past Midterm, Looking Towards 2024
Appendix A: Result of Presidential Contests, 1912–2020
Appendix B: Personal Backgrounds of U.S. Presidents
Appendix C: The Constitution of the Presidency
Key features
  • Extensive discussions of the Biden presidency, the 2022 midterm elections, and the early stages of the 2024 presidential race have been incorporated.
  • Coverage of the twists and turns of presidential politics in a polarized age, including Biden's legislative successes and failures through both united and divided government, the impact of the most recent Supreme Court appointments and decisions, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are covered in the new edition.
  • Chapter 11 provides extensive coverage of the Biden administration's policy agenda and analyzes the president's failure to see even his policy successes translate into wider public approval.


  • An easy-to-understand analysis of all aspects of the presidency. 
  • An examination of the full range of influences on the president provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s most important political office. 
  • A balanced assessment of all men who have held this central office enable readers to think critically about each president’s records of success and failure, disappointment and surprise.
  • A look at the challenges and opportunities a new president will confront empowers readers to have informed discussions about the qualifications of potential candidates. 
  • "Resources on the Web" sections offer readers an opportunity to pursue topics of interest.

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