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The Practical Handbook of Clinical Gerontology

The Practical Handbook of Clinical Gerontology

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June 1996 | 728 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Applied gerontology and geriatrics always entail a multidisciplinary perspective and usually demand an interdisciplinary treatment approach. Providing a unique combination of perspectives, treatment approaches, and expertise, The Practical Handbook of Clinical Gerontology explores issues relevant to practitioners who work with the elderly. A leading cast of contributors--representing the fields of psychology, medicine, neuropsychology, nursing, and law--examines what is known about specific disorders and discusses treatment techniques and the development of intervention plans. This comprehensive volume begins with an overview of several broad topics pertinent to the treatment of older adults and discusses special considerations in assessment. It then presents up-to-date information on treatment of specific psychological and behavioral disorders of older adults. The final section covers interdisciplinary issues, including information about common medical problems, rehabilitation, and the psychopharmacological treatment of mental health problems. Written in a language that is accessible to a general health care audience, this extensive volume will be a valuable resource for mental health care providers, medical students, researchers, and graduate students in such fields as geriatrics, gerontology, nursing, psychology, and social work. **Please note the following three quotes are from the same person** "This handbook has a variety of attributes that make it a highly desirable desk reference for today's mental health practitioners in geriatrics and gerontology. Few stones have been left unturned in the 22 reader-friendly chapters that comprise the handbook. Not only are general treatment issues addressed in great detail but assessment procedures, the treatment of specialized psychological and behavioral problems, and even issues in effective collaboration with medical geriatricians are considered. The scope and breadth of clinical knowledge and wisdom found within the covers of this volume are certainly impressive." --Lenard W. Kaye, Professor, Bryn Mawr College "The authors have succeeded in drawing on the expertise of a broad range of recognized authorities in clinical gerontology who have the capacity to communicate to the reader with considerable clarity both current information and best-practice strategies of mental health intervention with older adults." --Lenard W. Kaye, Professor, Bryn Mawr College "It would be difficult to find another reference source in clinical gerontological practice that is able to deal with the challenges of practice in this area with greater comprehensiveness and authority. The multidisciplinary perspective of the handbook ensures it being a valuable addition to the clinical practice collections of psychologists, social workers, nurses, gerontologists, and other allied health professionals. And, once obtained it should not gather dust given the currency and utility of the information." --Lenard W. Kaye, Professor, Bryn Mawr College

Susan Krauss Whitbourne
Psychological Perspectives on the Normal Aging Process
Walter M Bortz II and Sharon Stewart Bortz
Prevention, Nutrition, and Exercise in the Aged
Ann L Horgas, Hans-Werner Wahl, and Margaret M Baltes
Dependency in Late Life
Jeanne L Tsai and Laura L Carstensen
Clinical Intervention with Ethnic Minority Elders
Susan Turk-Charles, Tara Rose, and Margaret Gatz
The Significance of Gender in the Treatment of Older Adults
Larry W Thompson and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson
Practical Issues Related to Maintenance of Mental Health and Positive Well-Being in Family Caregivers
Barry A Edelstein and Elizabeth M Semenchuk
Interviewing Older Adults
Marshall B Kapp
Assessment of Competence to Make Medical Decisions
Michael D Franzen and Roy C Martin
Screening for Neuropsychological Impairment
Deborah W Frazer, Martin L Leicht, and Matt Dane Baker
Psychological Manifestations of Physical Disease in the Elderly
James R Youngjohn and Thomas H Crook III
Joanne Marengo and Jerry F Westermeyer
Schizophrenia and Delusional Disorder
Rachel Wolfe, Jannay Morrow, and Barbara L Fredrickson
Mood Disorders in Older Adults
Jane E Fisher and James P Noll
Anxiety Disorders
Joseph G Liberto, David W Oslin, and Paul E Ruskin
Alcoholism in the Older Population
Kathryn Larsen Burgio and Julie L Locher
Urinary Incontinence
Jiska Cohen-Mansfield et al
Wandering and Aggression
Richard R Bootzin et al
Sleep Disturbances
Antonette M Zeiss and Ann M Steffen
Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams
The Basic Unit of Geriatric Care

Eleanor S Segal
Common Medical Problems in Geriatric Patients
Laura Mosqueda
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Jeanette Schneider
Geriatric Psychopharmacology

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ISBN: 9780803952379