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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management
Theories, Concepts and Disciplinary Approaches to Tourism

Edited by:

September 2018 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management is a critical, state-of-the-art and authoritative review of tourism management, written by leading international thinkers and academics in the field. With a strong focus on theories, concepts and disciplinary approaches to tourism studies, the chapters in this volume are framed as critical synoptic pieces covering key developments, current issues and debates, and emerging trends and future considerations for the field.

Part One: Researching Tourism
Part Two: Social Analysis
Part Three: Economic Analysis
Part Four: Technological Analysis
Part Five: Environmental Analysis
Part Six: Political Analysis

This handbook offers a fresh and definitive look at tourism management, making it an essential resource for academics, researchers and students.

Chris Cooper, Bill Gartner, Noel Scott and Serena Volo
1. An Introduction to The Handbook, Volume 1
Part 01: Researching Tourism
Gayle Jennings
2. Qualitative Research and Tourism Studies
Josef Mazanec
3. Quantitative Research Approaches to Tourism
Part 02: Social Analysis
Keith Debbage
4. Economic Geographies of Tourism: A Critical and Contested Discourse
Kevin James
5. Tourism Histories
Scott and Erik Cohen
6. Key Milestones and Changing Directions in the Sociology of Tourism
Philip Pearce
7. Psychology of Tourism
Tim Wallace and Valene Smith
8. Anthropology of Tourism
Valerie Sheppard and David Fennell
9. Tourism Ethics
Rodolfo Baggio
10. Network Analysis: Qualitative Methods in Tourism
Part 03: Economic Analysis
Larry Dwyer
11. Economics of Tourism
Serena Volo
12. Tourism Data Sources: From Official Statistics to Big Data
Haiyan Song, Anyu Liu, and Vera Shanshan Lin
13. Analysing and Forecasting Tourism Demand
Tadayuki Hara, Sachiyo Asahi, and Morihiko Kinjo
14. Tourism Supply Side Analysis
Rhodri Thomas and Neil Ormerod
15. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research in Tourism: A Review
Adele Ladkin
16. Tourism Human Resources
David Solnet and Maria Golubovskaya
17. Service Management
Part 04: Technological Analysis
Bruce Prideaux
18. Tourism and Surface Transport
Gui Lohmann and Bojana Spasojevic
19. Aviation and Tourism
Miha Bratec
20. The Digital Tourism Economy
Lisa Ruhanen
21. Tourism and Knowledge Management
Anne-Mette Hjalager and Einar Lier Madsen
22. Business Model Innovation in Tourism - opportunities, challenges and examples
Part 05: Environmental Analysis
Andrew Holden
23. The Tourism/Environment Relationship
Richard Butler
24. Tourism Sustainability And Resilience
Debbie Hopkins and James Higham
25. Climate Change and Tourism: Mitigation and Global Climate Agreements
Stefan Gossling
26. Tourism and Biodiversity
Dave Newsome, Michael Hughes, and Kate Rodger
27. Protected Natural Areas and Tourism Management
Jonathon Day and Natalie Chin
28. Tourism, Energy, Oil and Water
Part 06: Political Analysis
Haywantee Ramkissoon and Dean Hristov
29. Tourism Institutions and Agencies
John Jenkins
30. Tourism Policy
Lindemberg Medeiros de Araujo and Noel Scott
31. Tourism Governance
Carlos Costa and Filipa Brandão
32. Tourism Planning: Evolution and Trends for the Future
Robin Nunkoo and Boopen Seetanah
33. Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Development: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
Dallen Timothy
34. Globalization, Supranationalism and Tourism

The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management brings together a collection of state of the art chapters in tourism management to explore and reflect on theories, concepts, and the practice of tourism. A global panel of Tourism expert contributors ensure that chapters are critical and forward looking. The Handbook will be a good addition to any library that supports Tourism undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers. In this volume, The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management shares directions for the future of this multifaceted discipline.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis
Bournemouth University

These two volumes are a rich repository of tourism knowledge.  The editors have assembled a stellar cast of experts in the field to write state-of-the-art chapters on both traditional and cutting edge topics in tourism management.  The volumes will be important resources for researchers and students in the future, as they seek to help tourism find its place in this ever changing world.

Professor Pauline Sheldon
University of Hawai’i

The two volume SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management is an ambitious and monumental contribution to the practices and applications of tourism scholarship. The impact of tourism on the planet, on business and on humanity are accelerating. Hence, it is timely to undertake a systematic analysis of the best knowledge about the field through the eyes of leading scholars. The Handbook starts with fundamental theories, concepts, methods and disciplinary perspectives, and proceeds to the most recent developments and thinking. I particularly welcome the equal attention that the two-volume format gives to theories and applications.

Professor Brian King
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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