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The Secrets of Successful Students (The Positively MAD Guide To)

The Secrets of Successful Students (The Positively MAD Guide To)
Super Speed Study Skills

January 2002 | 64 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Michael Tipper is an entertaining, informative and energetic trainer who is emerging as an inspirational teacher of Mentally Literate principles' - Tony Buzan, inventor of the Mind Map™

Based on the work of Michael Tipper (Grand Master of Memory) and Positively Mad, this interactive book quickly, easily and with a sense of humour will:

" provide a variety of techniques to help you learn

" enhance your ability to remember

" reinforce the technique of Mind-Mapping.

A valuable book to help make efficient use of an individuals time. It will also be an essential tool for teachers, parents, and anybody who assists others to learn.

With the help of this book, all readers should be able to pass on a variety of skills and techniques to benefit others ability to learn.

Michael is a corporate keynote speaker, breakout session specialist and educational presenter and has personally taught over 50,000 people how to get more from their thinking and learning. He regularly writes for the children's web site and is a director of Positively MAD - Making a Difference to the next generation - a UK based company that has taught over 250,000 children how to learn more effectively.

Can You Learn How to Learn?
Your Memory's Natural Rhythms
Mind Mapping
How to Draw a Mind Map
The Positively MAD Study Hour
Memory Skills

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ISBN: 9781873942642