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The Texas Experiment

The Texas Experiment
Politics, Power, and Social Transformation

First Edition
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February 2023 | 408 pages | CQ Press

Recipient of the 2024 Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) Most Promising New Textbook Award
This award recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials.

The Texas Experiment: Politics, Power, and Social Transformation provides students with an all-encompassing view of Texas government. The book brings together the historical and the contemporary, the political and the personal, to walk students through the state's past, present, and future. Through its rich historical narrative that tells the unvarnished story of how Texas came to be, to its depictions of the processes and structure of Texas government, and finally with its shifting demographics, we learn that the soul of Texas is multicultural, diverse, and thriving.

The Texas Experiment empowers students to develop their social and personal responsibility so that they can all be a force of positive change in Texas's vibrant culture.

Chapter 1 Texas Society and Politics: Past and Present
Chapter 2 Texas Constitution
Chapter 3 Federalism and Local Government
Chapter 4 Political Culture & Civic Participation
Chapter 5 Elections and Voting
Chapter 6 Political Parties in Texas
Chapter 7 The Texas Legislature
Chapter 8 The Governor and Executive Branch
Chapter 9 The Texas Justice System
Chapter 10 Interest Groups and Their Influence
Chapter 11 The Media, Social Media, and Social Movements
Chapter 12 Public Policy and Government Budgeting
Chapter 13 Texas in the Future: Changing Demography and Changing Perspectives


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  • Fulfills the competency requirements and learning outcomes required for general education courses.
  • Builds relevance through representation by highlighting new population data, with projections forward to 2050, released by the U.S. Census and the Texas State Data Center.
  • Offers unrivaled coverage of ideology and social issues, Texas demographic changes, and the rising importance of underrepresented groups in Texas politics.
  • Encourages engagement through participation by prompting students to reflect on and discuss their views in every chapter.
  • Each chapter begins with a chapter-opening vignette focused on a policy issue that impacts real people. Many of the examples are taken from questions that regularly come up in the classroom like “Why should I vote and get involved in politics?” and “How can I participate in politics and make change?”
  • What Can You Do? chapter conclusions provide a way for students to participate in the political process and enact change in the state. This can involve attending government meetings, voting, or joining a local chapter of a political party.
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