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Theories in Intercultural Communication

Theories in Intercultural Communication

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October 1988 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Published in cooperation with the Speech Communication Association Division on International and Intercultural Communication Just as the earlier version of this work (Intercultural Communication Theory) helped to define the field, Theories In Intercultural Communication also makes an important contribution. This collection represents the major current approaches to the study of intercultural communication, as well as of communication in general. The contributors cover constructivist theory, coordinated management theory, convergence theory, adaptation in intercultural relationships, intercultural transformation, and network theory. The volume offers an analysis of the most current theories in intercultural communication. It also points to areas of further research and the need for continued refinements of existing approaches. This volume is valuable for graduate students and professionals in the areas of communication (especially intercultural and interpersonal), ethnic studies, cross-cultural studies, comparative studies, and education. "The book is well conceived in its purpose, scope, and organization. It is also well executed with an even quality throughout. Each chapter author clearly presents the theory and provides thorough documentation. . . . This volume . . . promises to become a central piece in both the definition and development of theory in intercultural communication." --Modern Language Journal "This volume does represent a significant attempt to consolidate and crystallize the current intellectual core concepts of mainsteam intercultural communications theories and to push the field forward toward a more rigorous and coherent state. . . . As a collection, these essays cover a lot of the bumpy terrain that constitutes the field of intercultural communication from an interpersonal perspective. . . . Very useful in the context of a university course on intercultural communications." --Canadian Journal of Communication

Young Kun Kim
On Theorizing Intercultural Communication
Larry E Sarbaugh
A Taxonomic Approach to Intercultural Communication
James L Applegate and Howard E Sypher
A Constructivist Theory of Communication and Culture
Vernon E Cronen, Victoria Chen, and W Barnett Pearce
Coordinated Management of Meaning
A Critical Theory

Mary Jane Collier and Milt Thomas
Cultural Identity
An Interpretive Perspective

William B Gudykunst
Uncertainty and Anxiety
Cynthia Gallois, Arlene Franklyn-Stokes, Howard Giles, and Nikolas Coupland
Communication Accommodation in Intercultural Encounters
Joseph P Forgas
Episode Representations in Intercultural Communication
Stella Ting-Toomey
Intercultural Conflict Styles
A Face-Negotiation Theory

June Ock Yum
Network Theory in Intercultural Communication
Huber W Ellingsworth
A Theory of Adaptation in Intercultural Dyads
D Lawrence Kincaid
The Convergence Theory and Intercultural Communication
Young Kun Kim and Brent D Ruben
Intercultural Transformation
A Systems Theory


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