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Tourism Crises and Destination Recovery

Tourism Crises and Destination Recovery

November 2021 | 292 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

As global tourism faces its greatest threat since World War II, the author draws on over 40 years of industry and academic experience to explore the core themes that underpin crises, their impact on the tourism industry and recovery.


Focussing on this emerging issue in within the travel industry and academic tourism research, this author explores crisis management approaches from scholars, governments and tourism associations around the world. A dedicated chapter also covers the impact of Covid-19 on tourism industries and economies across the world and well as how nations from around the world responded to the global pandemic outbreak.


The book is split by theme and features over 20 case studies, including 2020 Australian bush fires, 2019 Sri Lankan terror attack, SARS and Swine Flu, the collapse of Thomas Cook, the global and Greek financial crises and the threat to the Great Barrier Reef.


Discussion questions and activities are included at the end of each chapter.


Suitable reading for students on tourism and tourism crisis management modules.

Part 1
Chapter 1: The Development of a Contextual Approach to Tourism Crisis, Recovery, and Resilience
Chapter 2: Government and Travel Industry Approaches to Tourism Recovery
Chapter 3: UNPREPARED: The Global Tyranny of COVID-19: Paradigm Shifter and Disrupter of Global Tourism and Tourism Crisis Management
Part 2: Key Themes in Tourism Risk, Crisis, and Recovery
Chapter 4: Theme 1. Political Instability and Tourism
Chapter 5: Theme 2. Destination Recovery from Terrorist Attacks
Chapter 6: Theme 3. Natural Disasters
Chapter 7: Theme 4. Recovery from Medically Based Crisis Events
Chapter 8: Theme 5. Crime
Chapter 9: Theme 6. Economic Crises
Chapter 10: Theme 7. Technological Crises
Chapter 11: Theme 8. Recovery from Internal Management Failure
Chapter 12: Theme 9. Environmental Crises

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