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Transcultural Counselling in Action

Transcultural Counselling in Action

Second Edition

September 1999 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"A useful resource for counselors wishing to improve their efforts at transcultural counseling." - New Therapist "I found I enjoyed this edition because of the political analysis that the authors pose, and the understanding that racism and particularly institutional racism, do still occur and "that change will only happen if we all act more bilingual counselors and promoting anti-racism in the workplace. In the wider world, counselors have a responsibility to advocate best practices for diverse communities" is a treasure trove for anyone interested in understanding the complex issues of working with and across cultures. The dynamics, patters and interactions Roger Herring describes are relevant to working with diverse ethnic groups in this country" - RACE The Second Edition of this clear and practical guide is designed to help counselors and professional helpers give effective, sensitive and appropriate support to clients from cultures other than their own. Patricia d'Ardenne and Aruna Mahtani illustrate the process of transcultural counseling using the contrasting case studies of four different clients, and highlight the impact of cultural issues at individual, community and global levels. Counselors are encouraged to recognize the importance of life experiences for their work, and to think about ways of using their own skills and resources more flexibly in response to different cultural needs. Thought-provoking and engaging, Transcultural Counselling in Action is invaluable for all trainee and practicing counselors who wish to raise their own cultural awareness and to develop counseling practice which is relevant and effective for all.

Introducing Transcultural Counselling
Getting Started
A Common Language
The Therapeutic Relationship
Change and Growth

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