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Creative Teachers for the 21st Century

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June 2009 | 216 pages | Corwin

"This book combats the stagnation of creativity in an era of increased accountability through standardized testing. It is an exceptionally well written, comprehensive book that will appeal to a variety of readers."
—Beth Madison, Principal
George Middle School, Portland, OR

Discover how thinking and acting creatively can influence both teaching and learning!

Creativity is a vital part of living for everyone—and for teachers and students, it's a requirement for success in the 21st century. Built on that core belief, this inspiring book provides teachers with a step-by-step plan for accessing their own creative resources and cultivating a more creative teaching practice.

Offering a breakdown of the creative process as it applies to both lesson building and delivery, the author provides a range of applications, examples, and strategies across multiple content areas and grade levels. This practical resource helps teachers and administrators:

  • Gain confidence in their own ability to teach from their strengths and to elicit students' strengths and creativity
  • Access their ability to think and act more creatively in the classroom
  • Enhance learning by engaging, motivating, and inspiring students with an array of research-based, creative teaching strategies
  • Learn how to identify creativity that furthers educational goals
  • Discover how the power of technology can help facilitate creative thinking

Use creativity to transform your teaching practices and prepare your students for the challenges of today and tomorrow!

About the Author
Prologue #1: An Elementary Teacher Speaks Out About Creativity
1. What Teachers and Students Have to Say About Creativity: An Introduction
41 Creative Ideas  
Teachers Voice Their Creative Blocks  
Jump Starting Student Creativity: Making Mind Maps  
This Is Not the "Crayola Curriculum"  
Student Blocks to Creativity  
A Past Student's E-mail on Creativity  
Prologue #2: Before We Begin . . . Get Out Your Notebook!
2. What Is, What Isn't Creativity?
An Overview of Preconceptions  
Worshipping at the Altar of Right Answers  
Making Mistakes  
Specific Methods of Creative Behavior  
Prologue #3: 20 Keys to a More Creative Classroom
3. Memoir of a Creative Career (Abridged)
My First Creative Teacher  
A First-Year Teacher  
My Home Teaching Days  
Back to the Traditional Classroom  
Early Years at Francis Howell School District  
Teaching Skills as Well as Content  
My Repeaters on Grammar Patrol  
Prologue #4: The Creative Teacher's Bill of Rights
4. What's Going On?
Side Effects of the Mandated Testing Phenomenon  
The Whole Child, The Whole Teacher  
Teaching the Whole Brain  
The Necessity of Teacher Empowerment  
Needs of the 21st Century, Glaringly Visible  
Dropouts and High Achievers  
Prologue #5: Affirmations: One Way to Rewire You for the Creativity You'll Need for the 21st Century
5. Links Between Creativity and Research-Based Instruction
Brain Research: A Gold Mine for Creative Strategies  
Meaning and Choice  
Challenge Without Threat  
Emotions and Bodies  
Prologue #6: Letter From Arthur Costa
6. Transformational Journey: From the Inside Out
The Saturday/Sunday Kings and Queens  
You, the Saturday/Sunday King or Queen  
Transformational Stages  
Our Hero's Journey: Moving Toward Ownership  
Your Questions: The Main Tool of Transformers  
Creative Thinking Versus Critical Thinking  
Thinking in Metaphor  
More Powerful Metaphors  
Frames, Narratives, Scripts: How We Think  
Prologue #7: The Administrator's Creativity Checklist
7. The Administrator's Role in Providing a Creative Environment
Metaphor and School Transformation, by Linda Henke  
An Informal Ethnographic Study  
School Culture  
School as Factory  
The Search for New Metaphors  
Reframing Beliefs at MRH  
Prologue #8: Leslie Wilson's Thinking Patterns That Help Create New Ideas
8. What Can We Do to Strengthen Our Creative Muscles?
For Ourselves?the Gift of Surprise  
Mindfulness, Awareness, and All That Good Stuff  
Begin With Fostering Creative Courage  
Let's Look at Fear for a Moment  
Respecting the Need to Make Time for Yourself  
How to Help Your Fellow Teachers  
Prologue #9: Our Tiny Digital Natives
9. Technology and the Creative Classroom
Swimming in a Technological Environment, by John Ross  
Connecting Technology and Creativity: National Trends  
Promoting Student Creativity With Technology  
Becoming a More Creative Teacher With Technology  
Prologue #10: Rules for Lady Teachers in 1915
10. Transforming Teaching Through Creativity for the 21st Century
The Last Time  
A Look at Possible Future Transformation  
The Past as of 1970  
What Does the Public Think We Should Be Doing?  
Welcome to Our Brave New Right-Brained World  
Every Teacher a Creative Teacher  

"This book combats the stagnation of creativity in an era of increased accountability through standardized testing. It is an exceptionally well written, comprehensive book that will appeal to a variety of readers."

Beth Madison, Principal
George Middle School, Portland, OR

"This valuable, readable book offers strategies that can wake up your creative juices and help students become more creative thinkers in their future lives."

From the Prologue to Chapter 6 by Arthur Costa

"Encourages instructors to ask students to think out of the box and challenge students."

Lisa B. Lucius, Principal
North Pontotoc Elementary School, Ecru, MS
Key features
  • Provides concrete steps on how all teachers—regardless of grade level and subject area—can access their ability to think and act more creatively in the classroom
  • Includes an array of research-based, creative teaching strategies designed to enhance learning by engaging, motivating, and inspiring students
  • Includes detailed guidlines on how to identify creativity that furthers educational goals
  • Contains a wealth activities for individual and group work concerning problem solving, reflection, and recognizing the link between best teaching practices and one's own creative efforts

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