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Transforming Learning and Teaching

Transforming Learning and Teaching
We can if...

First Edition

December 2004 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book shows how a group of primary schools transformed their learning and teaching and how the focus on learning led to significant improvements in children's motivation, behavior, and engagement in learning and learning outcomes. The authors share the practical strategies the schools used for supporting and enhancing:

  • Children's learning
  • Teachers' learning
  • The schools' capacity for learning


Introduction - `We Can If… '
The Story

How the Story Is Told

How the Book Can Be Used

Setting the Scene
The `Learning to Learn' Project

The LEA Context at the Beginning of the Project

A Brief Description of the Schools

Our Guiding Mantra - 'We Can If…'

Getting Started and Keeping Going
Taking Time to Get To Know One Another and Share Concerns

Taking Time to Clarify the Purposes of the Journey (Our Learning Intentions!)

Beginning to Learn How to Learn From Each Other

Bringing the Rest of Our Travelling Companions On Board

Collecting Baseline Data

Sharing 'Highs' and 'Lows' Along the Route and Supporting One Another

Developing Our Teaching Practice to Enhance Pupils' Learning
Encouraging Thinking Skills and Learning Skills

Developing the 'Language of Learning' In Our Classrooms

Stimulating the Learning Brain

Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence

Supporting Teachers as Learners and Researchers
Developing Teachers as Learners

Coaching Managers in the Skills of Leadership for Learning

Providing Induction Programmes For Newly Recruited Staff and Nqts

Investing In High-Quality Training Opportunities for All

Embedding Support and Development within Our School

Improvement Plans

Providing Leadership for Learning
Headteachers Model Total Commitment

Leadership Is Distributed Across the School

Deputy Heads Become the 'Levers' Of School Improvement

Middle Managers and Teams Become Leaders of Learning And

Learning Leaders

Leadership Roles Are Developed Amongst Other Members of Staff

Children Become Leaders of Learning

Accelerating Children's Learning
Heeding the Health Warnings

Reflecting On and Reviewing Progress

Working In Partnership with Parents

Maintaining and Enhancing Inclusive Provision for A Broad And

Balanced Curriculum

Creative Differentiation to Support Inclusion

Keeping Track of Children's Learning
Identifying Issues That Can Inform and Have an Impact On The

Tracking Of Pupils' Learning

Ensuring the Micro and Macro Management of Quantitative Data

Using a Range of Qualitative Tracking Measures

Tracking the Focus Cohort

Evaluating the Impact of the 'Learning to Learn' Project
Analysing Test Data to Assess the Value Added By the Schools

Taking Account of the Outcomes of Objective External Validations

Obtaining People's Perceptions of 'Learning to Learn'

Growing Learners - Children's Views about Learning
What Does Learning Mean To You?

What Does It Mean If You Learn Something?

How Do You Learn Best?

How Do You Feel Learning Has Improved For You?

Are There Particular Things Teachers, Support Staff or Other Pupils

Do Which Help You To Learn?

How Do You Feel About The 'No Put-Down' Zones?

What Gets In The Way Of Your Learning? How Do You Try To Sort This Out

Are There Things You Wish Your Teacher Would Do That He/She Does Not Do?

What Is It Like To Be A Learner In Your Class?

Transforming Learning and Teaching - Lessons and Key Principles
Lessons Learned

Transforming Learning and Teaching - Key Principles


`Transforming Learning and Teaching is well worth reading. The story of five schools acting together to improve what they do is a heroic and admirable one, especially in the present climate. The pressure to comply with prevailing orthodoxy, rather than devise orginal treatments, has been too strong for many to act with the same courage and insight as the five Redbridge schools, but it can be done with enthusiasm and integrity, as these teachers, heads and pupils show' - Ted Wragg, The Times Educational Supplement

`This is a fascinating study that deserves a wide readership' - Headteacher Update

`Rigorous, realistic, accessible and eye-opening - this book ought to be at the well-thumbed heart of any primary school where building children's "learning power" is a genuine priority' - Guy Claxton, Professor of the Learning Sciences, University of Bristol

'For school practitioners, this book has much to commend it. It presents a convincing picture of the challenges which face any new initiative, and of the improvement which resulted in pupils' learning.' - Janet A. Harvey, University of Gloucetrshire, UK

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