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Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming

Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming
... and Get the Most from Your Advertising Budget

August 1999 | 244 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"A must read for any advertisers. A well-designed experiment that sheds light on the critical issue of the effect of audience program involvement on advertising effectiveness." —Jerry Wind, Director, The Wharton School "Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming does exactly that—demonstrates that consumer involvement in a program can mean the difference between a commercial's success and it being unwept, unmourned, and unremembered. This is another tool that advertisers and their agencies can use to obtain more mileage from their campaigns." -Jack Connors, CEO, Hill, Holiday Communications "The work that Clancy and Lloyd describe in this clearly-written and definitive book could-and should-change the way advertisers and their agencies think about (and buy) media. Advertisers who take the lessons of this study to heart will never buy television and print media the same way again. Clancy and Lloyd's concept of the CPMI's (cost per thousand people involved) is to CPM's as cruise missiles are to artillery" -John Bernbach, CEO, The Bernbach "With all the hype and nonsense predicting the death of traditional media, it's refreshing and important to understand the factual intelligence Kevin J. Clancy and David W. Lloyd offer to advertisers and agencies alike." -Allen Rosenshine, Chairman/CEO, BBDO Worldwide This ground-breaking book shows that television (and print) can be much more powerful advertising vehicles than has ever been supposed—a key issue in a time of fragmenting audiences—by measuring the involvement level of viewers in television programs, newspapers, and magazines. The original research reported in this book finds that the more involved viewers are in a television programs, the greater the impact of the advertising carried by the program. Since advertisers buy programs based on audience size and composition (e.g., demographics), and since these factors have little to do with viewer involvement, advertisers are missing a significant opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their adverting. As television audiences continue to fragment and commercial costs continue to rise, the book's message grows even more important to television advertisers. Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming provides insight into how an advertiser can make the firm's advertising dollars work harder and smarter.

The Declining Effectiveness of Television Advertising
Television Programming
Vampire or Standard Bearer?

A New Model of the Effects of Television Programming
How the Program Involvement Study was Conducted
Measuring Program Involvement on Several Dimensions
The Hidden Power of Television Programming Revealed
People, Products and Campaigns Most Sensitive to TV Programming Effects
New Insights into Advertising Test Methods
The New Standard for Media Buying
Cost per Thousands Involved

The Hidden Effects of Print Media Environment
Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming and Print Editorial

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ISBN: 9780761915829