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Understanding Mental Health and Counselling

Understanding Mental Health and Counselling

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Mental Health

October 2020 | 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Understanding Mental Health and Counselling provides a critical introduction to key debates about how problems of mental health are understood, and to the core approaches taken to working with counselling and psychotherapy clients. In drawing out the differences and intersections between professional and social understandings of mental health and counselling theory and practice, the book fosters critical thinking about effective and ethical work with mental health service users and therapy clients.

With chapters by noted academic writers and service-user researchers, and content enlivened by activities, first-person accounts and case material, the book provides a key resource for both counselling and psychotherapy trainees and those interested in the broader field of mental health.

Section 1: Understanding mental health: the emergence of the talking cure
Chapter 1: The service user movement
Chapter 2: The Birth of Psychiatry: Questions of power and control
Chapter 3: The development of the talking cures
Chapter 4: Diagnosis, Classification and the expansion of the therapeutic realm
Section 2: Presenting problems
Chapter 5: Sadness and worry
Chapter 6: Trauma and crisis
Chapter 7: Relationships and intimacy
Chapter 8: Formulation
Section 3: Models of working
Chapter 9: Psychodynamic
Chapter 10: Humanistic
Chapter 11: CBT
Chapter 12: Integrative/Pluralistic
Section 4: Counselling in practice
Chapter 13: Therapeutic relationship
Chapter 14: Beyond the individual
Chapter 15: Beyond face to face - technology-based counselling
Chapter 16: Context of practice – ethics and professional issues
Section 5: Contemporary issues: Mental health and society
Chapter 17: Politics of research and evidence
Chapter 18: Mental disorder and criminal justice
Chapter 19: Individual or social problems?
Chapter 20: Living in a therapeutic culture

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