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Understanding Organizational Change

Understanding Organizational Change
The Contemporary Experience of People at Work

First Edition
  • Patrick Dawson - The University of Adelaide, Australia, University of Aberdeen Business School

February 2003 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understanding Organizational Change:

- offers an overview of change management

- brings new case studies to help students understand organizational change

- provides a concise overview of the developments in change management with new critical case study material for the use of advanced undergraduate and masters level management students;

- presents the contemporary experience of change for people in work and employment,

- considers alternative strategies and practical lessons on living with change.

Offering a critical analysis of change, Patrick Dawson resists the hype of popular management books which formulate simple change recipes, but uses the views and experience of people holding positions from shop floor operator to chief executive officer to further our understanding of complex change processes. In using the insights and views of those who promote, implement and experience the effects of change, this book moves beyond simple determinist arguments based on economic imperatives to a greater appreciation of the sociological dimensions of change.

The integration of theories of change with processes of organisational adaptation is central to the objective of understanding organizational change both for its academic value and its practical worth. Understanding Organizational Change will be essential reading final year undergraduates and postgraduates (MBA/MSc) taking organizational change and change management modules across business and management studies.

Change Riders
Dimensions of Change
An Historical Overview of Theoretical Perspectives and Change Frameworks
Flexibility, Workplace Change and Non-Standard Employment
New Technology and Power Relations
The Experience of Supervisors and Older Employees under Conditions of Change
Cellular Manufacture and the Politics of Change
Globalization and Strategic Change
Trade Unions and a Shifting Industrial Landscape
The Quality Management Experience
Living with Change in the 21st Century

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