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Urban Studies Inside-Out

Urban Studies Inside-Out
Theory, Method, Practice

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Part 1 Reorientations
1 Urban studies unbound: postmillennial spaces of theory, by Helga Leitner, Eric Sheppard and Jamie Peck
2 Doing urban studies: navigating the methodological terrain, by Eric Sheppard, Helga Leitner and Jamie Peck
3 Urban studies inside-out: a guide for readers and researchers, by Jamie Peck, Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard
Part 2 Methodological essays
4 Constructing a feminist urban political economy: on Lesley Kern’s Sex and the revitalized city, by Kyle Loewen, Devra Waldman and Mikael Omstedt
5 Dreaming and scheming the world class city: on Asher Ghertner’s Rule by Aesthetics, by Dimitar Anguelov, Emma Colven and Prajna Rao
6 Fluid assemblages: on Lisa Björkman’s Pipe Politics, by Tanya Matthan, Emma Colven and Hudson Spivey
7 Constructing and contesting the Banlieue: on Mustafa Dikeç’s Badlands of the Republic, by Nina Ebner, Joe Penny and Andre Comandon
8 Frustrated encounters: on Ahmed Kanna’s Dubai: The City as Corporation, by Nafis Hasan, Hudson Spivey and Kenton Card
9 Rescaling the urban: on Neil Brenner’s New State Spaces, by Joseph A Daniels, Mikael Omstedt and Dimitar Anguelov
10 Ethnography in the boundary zones: on Robert Fairbanks’ How it Works, by Samuel Nowak and Thomas Howard
11 Ethnographic exchanges: on Philippe Bourgois’ In Search of Respect, by Tom Howard, Samuel Nowak and Fernanda Jahn-Verri
12 Grounding the housing question in land: on Anna Haila’s Urban Land Rent, by Kenton Card, Joseph A Daniels and Andre Comandon
13 Mapping urban governance: on You-tien Hsing’s Great Urban Transformation, by Tyler Harlan and Jaehyeon Park
14 Claiming rights to the city: on James Holston’s Insurgent Citizenship, by Carolyn Prouse and Fernanda Jahn-Verri
15 Visualizing liquid cities: on Matthew Gandy’s Fabric of Space: Water, Modernity, and the Urban Imagination, by CS Ponder and Sophie Webber
16 Writing the heterogeneous city: on AbdouMaliq Simone’s City Life from Jakarta to Dakar, by Prajna Rao and Andre Comandon
17 In search of ordinary “elsewheres” in global urbanism? On Ola Söderström’s Cities in Relations, by Rachel Bok
18 Urban comparison, quantified: on Michael Storper, Thomas Kemeny, Naji Makarem and Taner Osman’s The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles, by Andre Comandon, Kenton Card and Joe Daniels
Part 3 Reflections
19 Turning Urban Studies Inside-out, by Jamie Peck, Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard
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