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Using SAGE Video in Common Communication Courses

Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Collection

Bachelor of Science in Communication

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will apply the theoretical concepts and techniques of communication in their professional and personal environments.
  • Students will apply interaction strategies in interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational settings using multiple media.
  • Students will evaluate communication effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Students will analyze the historical foundations of communication in order to forecast trends in contemporary society.
  • Students will apply ethical principles to all communication channels and strategies.
  • Students will recognize the legal implications of the use of all types of communication.
  • Students will apply research methods in the field of communication.

Course: Advanced Media Effects

This course focuses on the history of communication theory related to media effects. The course studies through an overview of media effects research, paradigm shifts in media effects, implications of these changes, methods used to test effects of media, and effects of different types of media content on society and individuals.


Course: Communication Revolutions

This course covers social change and technological change as it relates to digital communication. New forms of media and communication technologies have played a large role in transforming social, economic, and political life–this course investigates these revolutions.