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What Works in Preventing Crime

What Works in Preventing Crime

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November 2001 | 173 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Crime prevention is necessary in any society. Without it, crime would continue to skyrocket and the society as a whole would suffer. This special volume of The Annals, What Works in Preventing Crime? Systematic Reviews of Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research, originated with the 2001 Jerry Lee Crime Prevention Symposium. This 2-day conference focused on systematic reviews of criminological interventions. From there, many articles were put together discussing the methods of conducting systematic reviews, research findings from prevention and intervention studies, and what this means for the future of crime prevention.

This special volume of The Annals also focuses on the Campbell Collaboration and its Crime and Justice Group. It is set up to prepare, maintain, and disseminate evidence-based research in crime and make it available electronically to the general public. This is an important organization, and its findings make it easier for the general public as well as policy makers to see where things need to be changed in order to continue preventing crime that would have happened without the prevention programs in place.

David P. Farrington and Brandon C. Welsh
Methods and Perspectives
Anthony Petrosino, Roberty F. Boruch, Haluk Soydan, Lorna Duggan, and Julio Sanchez-Meca
Meeting the Challenges of Evidence-Based Policy
The Campbell Collaboration

David P. Farrington and Anthony Petrosino
The Campbell Collaboration Crime and Justice Group
David Weisburd, Cynthia M. Lum, and Anthony Petrosino
Does Research Design Affect Study Outcomes in Criminal Justice?
David B. Wilson
Meta-Analytic Methods for Criminology
Research Findings from Prevention and Intervention Studies
Odette Bernazzani, Catherine Cote, and Richard E. Tremblay
Early Parent Training to Prevent Disruptive Behavior Problems and Deliquency in Children
Anthony A. Braga
The Effects of Hot Spots Policing on Crime
Doris Layton MacKenzie, David B. Wilson, and Suzanne B. Kider
Effects of Correctional Boot Camps on Offending
Mark W. Lipsey, Gabrielle L. Chapman, and Nana A. Landenberger
Cognitive-Behavioral Programs for Offenders
Future Directions
Brandon C. Welsh and David P. Farrington
Toward an Evidence-Based Approach to Preventing Crime
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