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Witness and Vision of the Therapists

Witness and Vision of the Therapists

Edited by:
  • Colin Feltham - Emeritus Professor of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Sheffield Hallam University

August 1998 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Witness and Vision of the Therapists is a fascinating and timely book presenting the views of experienced therapists and counselors on what is learned about aspects of human nature from the many hours spent witnessing clients' stories. Contributors write about their observations on working with people whose suffering is associated with social marginalization, family breakdown, the gay community, the AIDS epidemic, the Holocaust, and with people in groups, those who have experienced disaster and personal trauma, or depression, and those who have murdered. Witness and Vision of the Therapists takes us to some of the depths of human suffering in order to illustrate the value and impact of therapy as well as some of the failings and disillusionment of therapy. The material provides insights and hypothesis bearing on the human condition itself, and the contributors do not avoid disclosing some of their own struggles, doubts, and suffering. This book yields rich views on connections between the private one-to-one world that therapists and their clients inhabit, and some of the social, political, and spiritual implications and visions arising from it. It is stimulating reading for trainers, trainees, and practitioners.

Colin Feltham
Adrienne Baker
If I Am Only for Myself, Who Am I? From Trainee to Counsellor
David Brandon and Jane Akister
Psychotherapy and Community Care
Todd Butler and Norman Leitman
Therapy with Gay Men in the Era of AIDS
Ian Craib
The Lessons from Group Therapy
Colin Feltham
In Search of Meaning and Sanity
Paul Gilbert
Suffering, Evolution and Psychotherapy
Judith Hassan
Counselling with Holocaust Survivors
Bob Johnson
Deeper Dungeons, Deeper Insights
William West
Therapy as a Spiritual Process