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Youth Crime and Justice

Youth Crime and Justice

Second Edition
Edited by:

March 2015 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Building upon the success of the first edition, this second - and substantially revised - edition of Youth Crime and Justice comprises a range of cutting-edge contributions from leading national and international researchers.


The book:

  • Situates youth crime and youth justice within historical and social-structural contexts;
  • Critically examines policy and practice trends and their relation to knowledge and ‘evidence’; and
  • Presents a forward looking vision of a rights compliant youth justice with integrity.

An authoritative and accessible book, Youth Crime and Justice (2nd ed) provides a coherent, comprehensive and fully up-to-date analysis of contemporary developments and debates. A must for researchers, teachers, students and practitioners.

Harry Hendrick
Chapter 1: Histories of Youth Crime and Youth Justice
Rob White and Chris Cunneen
Chapter 2: Social Class, Youth Crime and Youth Justice
Colin Webster
Chapter 3: ‘Race’, Youth Crime and Youth Justice
Gilly Sharpe and Loraine Gelsthorpe
Chapter 4: Girls, Crime and Justice
Tim Bateman
Chapter 5: Trends in Detected Youth Crime and Contemporary State Responses
David Smith
Chapter 6: What Evidence for Youth Justice?
Stephen Case and Kevin Haines
Chapter 7: Risk Management and Early Intervention: A Critical Analysis
Lesley McAra and Susan McVie
Chapter 8: The Case for Diversion and Minimum Necessary Intervention
Chris Cunneen and Barry Goldson
Chapter 9: Restorative Justice? A Critical Analysis
Shadd Maruna, Brendan Coyle and Brendan Marsh
Chapter 10: Desistance from Crime in the Transition to Adulthood
Barry Goldson
Chapter 11: The Circular Motions of Penal Politics and the Pervasive Irrationalities of Child Imprisonment
Adam Edwards, Gordon Hughes and Rachel Swann
Chapter 12: Community Safety and the Policing of Young People in Austere Times
Rob MacDonald
Chapter 13: Youth Transitions, Criminal Careers and Social Exclusion
Barry Goldson and John Muncie
Chapter 14: Children’s Human Rights and Youth Justice with Integrity

Informed by the latest research in the field, the contributing authors of Youth Crime & Justice help explain the profoundly important yet uneven changes in youth justice policy and human rights that have emerged in the UK and internationally over the last decade, along with the huge challenges these pose for current efforts at progressive national and international youth justice reform.

Prof. Russell Smandych
University of Manitoba

An indispensable collection, bringing together some of the most thoughtful scholars in the field of youth justice today. Youth Crime and Justice stands out because it is both solidly grounded in the best traditions of research, and keenly attuned to contemporary (and sometimes unexpected) developments in youth justice 'on the ground'.

Prof. Elliott Currie
University of California, Irvine

With its critical perspective and systematic approach towards a hugely complex issue, the second edition of Youth Crime and Justice fulfils all the expectations and needs of those teaching, studying or researching this domain. It is beyond compare, which made the waiting more than worthwhile.

Prof. Dr. Jenneke Christiaens
Free University Brussels

As a University we are excited about new programme developments in the subject area of criminology. This is an essential key text that will provide students with a good theoretical grounding in youth crime and justice. The text is accessible and will introduce students to a range of key concepts to aid understanding and analysis.

Ms christine smith
Youth and Community Work, University of St Mark And St John
February 27, 2017

A comprehensive collection of insights in to developments in Youth Justice

Mr David John Ellicott
Social Work and Professional Practice, Nottingham Trent University
August 10, 2016

The texts provided a comprehensive analysis of contemporary debates in the field of youth crime and youth justice. it situates youth crime and justice within the historical context and provides a critical analysis of trends in policy and practice.

Dr Olivia Pearson
Department of Health and Applied Soci, University of The West of England
June 14, 2016

This text is very relevant to one session of my module, Understanding Youth. I will be recommending some of the chapters for reading for the session on Youth Crime and Justice.

Dr Bernadine Brady
School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI, Galway
January 7, 2016

Thorough, up to date position on YJ context

Ms Helen Shaw
Education, childhood and Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University
January 5, 2016

The second edition of this text does not disappoint with up to date contributions from key authors in the field. In my view a number of the chapters are particularly excellent. Chapter 9 provides a detailed critical analysis of restorative justice and chapter 12 explores the impact of recent austerity measures. In short essential reading for our Youth Justice Module!

Miss Jacky Foster
Camborne College, Cornwall College
June 10, 2015

This book will assist with the angle of crime prevention well as it discusses the issue of youth crime within the justice system well.

Ms Allison Savory
Department of Social Sciences, Bucks New University
June 4, 2015
Key features

New to the Second Edition of Youth Crime & Justice:

  • 6 new chapters to account for major updates on research and policy in the field
  • A new chapter on ‘diversion’
  • 6 new chapters to account for major updates on research and policy in the field
  • A new chapter on ‘diversion’

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