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Youth Culture in Late Modernity

Youth Culture in Late Modernity

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February 1995 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"Youth Culture and Late Modernity is a scholarly text. It is firmly anchored historically and presents a range of informed theoretical perspectives." --Howard Williamson, School of Social and Administrative Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff The youth of contemporary Western societies are often regarded as a culture apart, defined and distanced by their conspicuous choices in music, fashion, and myriad other elements; yet even these distinctions may become so strongly identified that they simply represent an alternative conformity. In Youth Culture in Late Modernity, the phenomena of age-related subcultures are assayed from development to consequence. Authors Johan Fornäs and Göran Bolin explore the relationship between youth culture and the greater society, from the origins of a youth culture's characterizing trends to the effects--both positive and negative--such trends may produce. The contradictory nature of such mass individualism is also considered, balancing the commercialism of mass consumption against the potential for rebellion against prevailing social norms. This innovative work is essential reading for students of cultural studies and communications, and for all those across the humanities and social sciences interested in the nature and dynamics of youth culture.

Johan Fornäs
Youth, Culture and Modernity
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it}ethius
The History of High and Low Culture
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it]ethius
Youth, the Media and Moral Panics
Bo Reimer
The Media in Public and Private Spheres
Hillevi Ganetz
The Shop, the Home and Femininity as a Masquerade
Sabina Holstein-Beck
Consistency and Change in the Lifeworld of Young Women
Bo Reimer
Youth and Modern Lifestyles
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it]ethius
Controlled Pleasures
Youth and Literary Texts


`Makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the changing face of "youth culture" in what has come to be known as the "late modern" or "postmodern" age' - Young People Now

`A scholarly text. It is firmly anchored historically and presents a range of informed theoretical perspectives.... [an] important contribution to the debate about the changing face of `youth culture', and the broadening ground on which it needs to be explored' - Reviewing Sociology

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