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A Practical Introduction to Mixed Methods for Business and Management

Mixed Methods Research for Business and Management guides students and researchers through how to use this methodology successfully in a research-based dissertation or project.

The book introduces the concepts and debates associated with combining methods, and illustrates the many benefits, and hazards, of undertaking a mixed methods study. Example studies from across business and management disciplines bring the text to life throughout.

The reader is taken step-by-step through the mixed methods process from developing a mixed methods study, through designing and conducting it, and finally, reporting on the results.

Suitable for business and management students and researchers undertaking their own mixed methods research.

Chapter 1: Foundations
Chapter 2: Developing a Mixed Methods Study
Chapter 3: Designing and Conducting a Mixed Methods Study
Chapter 4: Analysing Mixed Methods Data
Chapter 5: Bringing It All Together

At last, a book that brings mixed methods into the realm of business research in an accessible and meaningful way for both experienced and less experienced researchers. It has made me rethink how powerful mixed methods research can be, especially in the policy and engagement realm of academic scholarship. Whether you are designing or completing a small or large project, this is the ‘go to’ book and should be a compulsory text for all business research students.

Dr Lee Moerman
University of Wollongong

Pat Bazeley offers a concise and balanced, yet comprehensive, introduction to the mixed methods research journey from developmental stages to writing up, laced with examples from the literature and from her own research.  This guide will be gold for any social or behavioural researcher aspiring to expand their methodological repertoire.  Invest in this book now - it will return that investment many times over!

Emeritus Professor Ray Cooksey
UNE Business School, University of New England