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A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Qualitative Research

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Qualitative Research

Second Edition
  • David Silverman - Visiting Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and King’s College, London, Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths’ College, Visiting Professor Emeritus at Leeds University Business School and Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology

February 2013 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Second Edition of Qualitative Research provides a refreshing introduction to doing and debating qualitative research. The author uses updated content, ranging from photographs to novels and newspaper stories, to demonstrate how getting to grips with qualitative methods means asking ourselves fundamental questions about how we are influenced by contemporary culture.

Conceived by Chris Grey as an antidote to conventional textbooks, each book in the ‘Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap’ series takes a core area of the curriculum and turns it on its head by providing a critical and sophisticated overview of the key issues and debates in an informal, conversational and often humorous way.

Suitable for Undergraduate students who are new to qualitative research and even Postgraduates and Practitioners who want re-assess their current understanding of the field.

Preface: Making a Space for This Book
Chapter 1: Innumerable Inscrutable Habits: Why Unremarkable Things Matter
Chapter 2: On Finding and Manufacturing Qualitative Data
Chapter 3: Instances or Sequences?
Chapter 4: Applying Qualitative Research
Chapter 5: The Aesthetics of Qualitative Research: On Bullshit and Tonsils
A Very Short Conclusion

This book really helps students debate and develop their own vision about Qualitative Research.

Mrs FRANCOISE Passerard
Marketing, Paris School of Business
February 9, 2022

Students found the book enjoyable, and easy to digest, enabling a deeper understanding of qualitative research

Miss Louise Stafford
Early Years Department, Solihull College
March 3, 2016

What an amazing handy but information laden book on qualitative research.

Miss Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi
Department of Health Studies, University of East London
January 29, 2016

interesting reading, that offers a new perspective on qualitative research, and some interesting reflections. However it requires knowledges that are too deep for the level of my students that are approaching qualitative research for the very first time

Mrs Elena Tarlazzi
CDL Ostetriche, Università di Bologna
June 19, 2015

This publication is clear, concise, readable and very helpful to anyone wanting to know more about qualitative research.

Mr Richard Carroll
School of Health , Guildford College
December 9, 2014

This is a helpful book to give students an insight into qualitative methods. I recommend it to students as supplemental material.

Dr Laura McMillan
Health, Nursing and Midwifery, University of the West of Scotland
October 7, 2014

This is an excellent introductory text to qualitative methodology I would recommend as an essentail text for MA Education students.

Miss Christine Lewis
Professional Development , Edge Hill University
August 26, 2014

Good background ideal for MSc level student and dissertations for BSc. Student might not be up to this level of reading initially with BSc cohorts

Mrs Sherran Milton
School of Healthcare Studies, Cardiff Univ.
July 15, 2014

A great book that demystifies qualitative research

Sue Horder
Education, Glyndwr University
May 21, 2014

Whilst a very interesting text, not suitable for the Module I was considering it for.

Mrs Isobel Townsend
Social Work, Robert Gordon University
March 11, 2014