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Author e-prints

Complimentary Author Copies

Sage supports a range of author benefit policies, which vary by journal. The most common policy among Sage journals is to provide authors with a complimentary digital copy of their final article, called an e-print. E-prints are sent automatically to the corresponding authors following the article's initial publication and issue publication (if applicable), and include a link for downloading the final article PDF. The corresponding author can share the link and/or PDF with co-authors, and can also share the PDF in certain other uses as explained in Sage's Archiving and Re-Use policy. If a journal's policy is an exception to the standard policy, the specific terms for that journal will be supplied in the author's Contributor Agreement.   

Ordering Print Copies

If an author would like to purchase a print copy of the issue in which their article appears, they will receive a 30% discount off the standard single issue price. Single issue prices are listed in the "Subscribe" tab of each journal's website.

Please specify the journal name and volume/issue number in your request.