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Charles J. Glueck, M.D. Cholesterol Center, ABC Building


Medical Director, The Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center

Medical Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories


College: Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, BA 1960

Graduate: Western Reserve University College of Medicine, MD 1964

Internship/Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, 1964-1966

Post Graduate: Molecular Disease Branch, Natl. Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 1966-69


1987-present Medical Director of The Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center of the

Health Alliance Hospitals

1969-1987 Cincinnati General Hospital (University Hospital):

1972-87 Director, Lipid Research Clinic, University of Cincinnati

1974-87 Director, Lipid Research Division

1969-87 Director, Lipoprotein Research Laboratory

1974-87 Director, General Clinical Research Center

1969-74 Project Director, General Clinical Research Center

1981-87 Professor of Pediatrics

1974-87 Associate Professor of Pediatrics

1974-87 Professor of Medicine

1972-74 Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

1969-71 Assistant Professor of Medicine


Harvard: Harvard College Award for Scholarship, 1956-60

Phi Beta Kappa, 1960

Magna Cum Laude Award in English, 1960

Case-Western Research Medical School: Alpha Omega Alpha, 1963

American Heart Association: Established Investigator, 1971-76

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine:

Sigma XI Young Investigator Award, 1974

George Rieveschl Award for Distinguished Scientific Research, 1980

Ortho-Biotech: Award for Excellence in Hematology, CSCR 1993

Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America: Samuel T. Coleman Award, 1994

Hip Society John Charnley Award, 5/05: Heritable thrombophilia and development of thromboembolic disease following total hip arthroplasty