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E. Jane Davidson Real Evaluation Consulting

Jane Davidson is former Associate Director of The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, where she launched and directed the world’s first fully interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation. She is currently Director of Davidson Consulting Limited (New Zealand). Dr. Davidson received her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in organizational behavior, with substantial emphasis on evaluation. She has worked in various evaluation, consulting, and quality assurance-related roles in government, business, and education, and she has conducted trainings on coaching skills for managers and supervisors, training needs analysis, and customer service skills. Davidson has published in, or had work accepted for, the Encyclopedia of Evaluation (Sage), the Human Resources Program Evaluation Handbook (Sage), the International Handbook of Educational Evaluation (Kluwer), the Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate (Sage), the Handbook of Organizational Consulting Psychology (Sage), and Foundations and Evaluation: Contexts and Practices for Effective Philanthropy (Jossey–Bass). She has also published in the journals New Directions for Evaluation and The Psychologist-Manager Journal.