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Joseph Fitsanakis Coastal Carolina University, USA

Joseph Fitsanakis, PhD, is an associate professor in the intelligence and national security studies program at Coastal Carolina University, where he teaches courses on intelligence communications, intelligence operations, intelligence analysis, and human intelligence, among other topics. He has published widely on intelligence collection (communications interception and cyber espionage), intelligence reform, and transnational criminal networks. His writings also cover the evolution and practices of intelligence agencies in the United States, the Balkan region, northeast Africa, and Asia, with particular emphasis on China and North Korea. Before joining Coastal Carolina University in 2015, Dr. Fitsanakis built the security and intelligence studies program at King University, where he also directed the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies. He is also deputy director of the European Intelligence Academy and senior editor at, an ACI-indexed scholarly blog that is catalogued through the US Library of Congress.