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Mary E. Stafford Arizona State University, West

Dr. Mary E. Stafford is a faculty member and internship coordinator in the School Psychology Program at University of Houston Clear Lake, where she is an Associate Professor. Dr. Stafford is editor of the International School Psychology Association’s (ISPA) newsletter, the World*Go*Round. She teaches courses in personality assessment, child psychopathology, counseling children, and biological basis of behavior. Her research interests focus on at-risk children (especially, on influences on resilience among youth, on the effects of mobility among school-age children, and on socioeconomic, cultural, and language issues related to children’s achievement and adjustment in schools), on practice issues in schools internationally, and on ethics. Dr. Stafford has a Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology, with concentration in School Psychology, from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to coming to UHCL in 2005, she was the Training Director in the School Psychology Program in the Division of Psychology in Education at Arizona State University. In her early career, she worked with children in public school and residential treatment center for emotionally handicapped settings as teacher, counselor, diagnostician, and school principal.