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Nick Boddington PSHE Association

Starting his career as an art and mathematics teacher working in both primary and secondary schools in north London, Nick Boddington joined the Advisory Service where he specialised in the teaching of sensitive issues including SRE, HIV, bullying and drug education.  One of the first Ofsted Inspectors to be trained, he left the Advisory Service as Lead Senior Adviser for Children’s Wellbeing for Essex to take up his current position as Subject Lead with the national PSHE Association. Nick is committed to a model of PSHE that places children’s individual and unique understanding of their world and their own enquiry at the centre of learning. He is co-author of a number of Government documents, academic texts and teaching resources committed to improving the quality of PSHE education. He has spent over 25 years championing the importance of placing high quality PSHE at the centre of the school curriculum.