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Rosemary D. Mastroleo Retired Teacher

Rosemary Mastroleo is a retired school teacher and supervisor now living in Southwest Florida. Throughout her career, Mastroleo was responsible for the set up and design of special education programs in public school settings. She focused her efforts on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each child in order to build a successful academic program both at home and at school. Mastroleo’s consistent efforts to build cooperative relationships with families enhanced the success of her students and her programs.

Prior to becoming an administrator, Mastroleo taught for 17 years in the North Syracuse Central School District in central New York. During that time, she was a first grade teacher, an elementary counselor, a resource teacher, and then an itinerant junior and senior high school teacher. Following her tenure as a teacher, Mastroleo became a program monitor for the special education department in the North Syracuse District. Her duties included overseeing self-contained special education classes, sitting as a permanent member of the Committee on Special Education and providing consultant services for special education and regular education teachers regarding students with special needs. In addition to her supervisory and consultant duties, Mastroleo became a hearing officer for the North Syracuse District during her last five years of service.