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Gliksman, Sam

Sam Gliksman

Sam Gliksman has been leading innovative technology applications in private industry and education for over 25 years. Recognized as a prominent expert in educational technology and reform, he currently works as an independent educational technology consultant, speaker and author.

Sam has pioneered the use of mobile technology in education and has consulted for schools and school districts. He manages the "iPads in Education" website - – which is recognized as a leading source of best practices for the use of mobile devices in education. He also authored the definitive "iPad in Education for Dummies" series of books that were hailed as a primer for anyone interested in the educational applications of mobile technology. Sam speaks at conferences nationally and internationally and gives workshops to educational groups about the changing nature of education in the digital age. The common thread woven throughout Sam’s work is that technology needs to be integrated into a more holistic pedagogical approach that addresses the needs of life in the 21st century.

Sam can be contacted via his website at