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Becoming a Social Worker

Becoming a Social Worker
A Guide for Students

November 2010 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Becoming a Social Worker explores the journey of becoming a social worker. It is based upon the experiences of social work students themselves and therefore provides a unique 'inside-out' perspective. By showing that personal, professional and political elements are interwoven in students' journeys, the author demonstrates that integrating these elements is vital to critical reflection and relationship-based social work. Content includes social work theory, therapeutic and risk-management interventions, emotional and ethical aspects of practice, political and cultural contexts of practice, and issues around supervision and assessment. The book also:

  • includes introductions, real-life case study exercises, points for reflection, diagrams and tables, further reading and resources
  • equips new students to reflect upon their own journeying and to learn more effectively from modules and placements
  • provides case study material on all aspects of placements such as meeting Key Roles and value requirements
  • covers career pathways for final year students, including guidance on dealing with job interviews and occupational stress

This is important reading across a range of modules and will be particularly valuable for new students and students on placement.

Social Work in the United Kingdom
Students' Journeys
Studying Social Work at University
Practising under Supervision in the Community
'Why Do We Need Theory or Research?!'
'What Do They Mean by Practice Wisdom?'
Mastering Key Roles on Initial Placements
Mastering Key Roles on Final Placements
Ethics and Emotions: Developing Socio-Emotional Intelligence
Politics and Cultures: Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity
Navigating Your Way Through Assessments
Establishing a Career Pathway

"A useful and user-friendly introduction to studying social work. Drawing in a refreshing and original way on the actual words of students and educators, it engages with the world that students will actually encounter as they progress towards practice" - Chris Beckett, Anglia

"This text provides a wealth of helpful and relevant guidance to social work learners and comprehensively addresses pre-qualifying social work education. The use of original data from social work students and the illustrations of student experiences make for vivid and interesting reading; to be strongly recommended to social work students and as a valuable resource for educators in both practice learning and academic settings" - Teresa De Villiers, Cardiff

It states clearly what you need to know about being a social worker and it takes you step by step

Dr Jabulani Makhubele
Social Work, University of Limpopo
May 22, 2013

Some very interesting accounts about entering the social work profession.

Mr Hefin Gwilym
School of Social Sciences, Bangor University
February 17, 2013

I found this a uesful text. It was accesible and easy to read and would be helpful for students at an early level in their studies

Mr David McKendrick
Division of Social Work, Glasgow Caledonian University
October 9, 2012

A useful introduction for social work students and one I have refrred my students to time and time again. Invaluable.

Mrs Kerry Fidler
School of Social Work, University of Leicester
May 9, 2012

I am a new lecturer here at Brighton and have not had input into the reading list. However, I have found this book very useful, particularly the sections on mastering the key roles. I have mentioned the book to some of my tutees.

Ms Emma Inch
School of Applied Social Science, Brighton University
November 21, 2011

I was not able to view the online resource.

Ms Geraldine Graham
Social Work , Bradford University
July 12, 2011

This is a really useful text for students in their first year of training- it will help them make sense of what it is they have taken on.

Mr Martin Kettle
School of Health, Glasgow Caledonian University
January 26, 2011

I found this book to be of use to students studying to become a social worker as it provides students the information they need to progress into social work in an informed and knowledgable way.

Mr Thomas Hawkins
Social Work , Cornwall College
January 10, 2011

A comprehensive & well crafted text that provides SW student's (& educators) with an excellent guide for learning and professional competence. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on students' journey's, theory & research, mastering key roles on placement & politics & cultures.

This text has wide appeal across BA & MA programmes being suitable for both undergraduate or postgraduate
SW students. Additionally, it prepares & guides the reader through the sometimes challenging transition of becoming a qualified practitioner so will also assist with NQSW learning and related PQ programmes.

A broad based teaching text with useful & challenging exercises, concise table summaries and key points for critical reflection.

Thank you

David Gaylard

Mr David Gaylard
other, Chichester University
December 23, 2010

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