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Brain-Compatible Strategies

Brain-Compatible Strategies

Second Edition
Edited by:

February 2004 | 96 pages | Corwin

Formerly a publication of The Brain Store

Want to add some spice to your lesson plans? This revised edition of Brain-Compatible Strategies is full of creative, ready-to-use ideas to motivate, inspire, and encourage your students.

If you are a novice just getting started with brain-compatible teaching, or a practiced veteran looking for ready-to-implement ideas, this book is for you. It's 90% action steps and 10% background and theory. With its plain-language instructions and easy-to-implement activities, this resource will be one of your most thumbed-through references.

Using this book
Activity List
Activate the Young-at-Heart Brain
Greater Meaning from Multiple Contexts
Specific Feedback Accelerates Learning
All Work and No Play
Learning with Feeling
Escape from the Sacred "Learning Box"
Remove Barriers to Learning
Active Learning
Learn by De-Briefing Failures
Integrated, Contextual Curriculum
Ball Toss Boosts Thinking
Let Learners Create Their Own Meaning
Cross Laterals "Unstick" Learning
More Questions Than Answers
Challenge the Brain
Engage the Spatial-Episodic Memory
Active Learning II
Visuals & Peripherals Impact Learning
The Real Power of Music
Break the Monotony with Novelty & Fun
March the Brain to Learning Success
Add Good Stress, Eliminate Bad Stress
Playing Games Grows Brains
The Cycle of Learning
Motor Brain Activators
Reinforcement and the Brain
Strengthen Learning with Reviews
Non-Conscious Messages are Powerful
Gender and Learning Styles
Active Learning III
Curriculum and the Developing Brain
Schedule Brain Breaks!
Replace Rewards & Bribes with Desire
Discipline Strategies that Make Sense
The Chemistry of Choice
Hollywood, Here I Come!
Reduce Common Forms of Perceived Threat
Increase "By-Product" Learning
Learning with Both Sides of the Brain
Grow Out, Not Fill Up
Learning Is Messy
Trigger Learning
Groups Are OK, Labels Are Not
Don't Trigger Helpless Learning States
Welcome to Center Stage!
Simon Says Lives Again
Finding the Challenges
Stimulate Input, Not Just Output
The Importance of Beginnings and Endings
1...2...3...Switch Jobs!
Cycles of Learning
Multiple Strategies for Better Recall
Hydration Supports Learning
The Power of Models and Mapping
Why Use Aromas in Learning?
Let the Brain Nibble at New Ideas
Active Breaks
Eat Better to Improve Learning
Better Learning with Unguided Discussions
Enriched Environments Support Learning
S-A-T: Not Just Another Exam!
Brain Activators for the Visual Cortex
Give Learners Environmental Options
How to Grab the Brain's Attention
Laugh and Learn
Use the Mind-Body Library of Knowledge
Student Seating Matters
Too Hot to Learn?
Brighter Learning Prospects
Acoustics and Learning
Time to Settle In
Setting Goals Improves Performance
Make Unforgettable Memories
Encourage Faster Learning with Pre-Exposure
Do Learners Know What They Know?
Smart Activators for the Auditory Cortex
Suggested Resources for Further Reading
About the Author

"This book should be on every educator's desk. Both novice and veteran teachers will find it effective in increasing student achievement."

Wanda Lofton, School Coach
Seattle Public Schools, WA

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