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Creativity and Giftedness

Creativity and Giftedness

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March 2004 | 224 pages | Corwin

The expert guide to the major issues, the chief trends, and the most effective models for nurturing creativity!

Recognizing, assessing, and nurturing creativity continue to be dynamic, evolving topics in gifted education. The articles in Creativity and Giftedness offer over 20 years of research, insight, and practical applications designed to pique the interest of gifted students and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Key features include:

  • A rich portrait of the origins, current state, and future of the field of creativity from Donald J. Treffinger, Director of the Center for Creative Learning
  • Examples and practical suggestions for putting research findings to use
  • Sixteen influential articles from pioneers in creativity as well as from current leaders in the field

The readings in this ready-reference debunk the many misconceptions about the connection between creativity and giftedness, and lend clarity to the most critical issues in this often nebulous area of gifted research.

The ERGE Series:

The National Association for Gifted Children series Essential Readings in Gifted Education is a 12-volume collection of seminal articles from Gifted Child Quarterly. Put the knowledge and power of more than 25 years of research on giftedness and talent into your hands with the leading theories, studies, and findings the experts in the field have to offer.

About the Editors
Sally M. Reis
Series Introduction
Donald J. Treffinger
Introduction to Creativity and Giftedness
W. J. J. Gordon, T. Poze
1. SES Synectics and Gifted Education Today
E. Paul Torrance
2. Lessons About Giftedness and Creativity From a Nation of 115 Million Overachievers
John Curtis Gowan
3. The Use of Developmental Stage Theory in Helping Gifted Children Become Creative
E. Paul Torrance
4. Predicting the Creativity of Elementary School Children (1958-80) - and the Teacher Who "Made a Difference"
Gary A. Davis
5. Personal Creative Thinking Techniques
Calvin W. Taylor, Diane Sacks
6. Facilitating Lifetime Creative Processes - A Think Piece
Joe Khatena
7. Myth: Creativity Is Too Difficult To Measure
Calvin W. Taylor
8. Developing Creative Excellence in Students: The Neglected History-Making Ingredient Which Would Keep Our Nation From Being at Risk
E. Paul Torrance
9. The Role of Creativity in Identification of the Gifted and Talented
Donald J. Treffinger
10. Research on Creativity
Gary A. Davis
11. Objectives and Activities for Teaching Creative Thinking
Marcia A. B. Delcourt
12. Creative Productivity Among Secondary School Students: Combining Energy, Interest, and Imagination
Gina D. Schack
13. Effects of a Creative Problem-Solving Curriculum on Students of Varying Ability Levels
Robert J. Sternberg and Todd I. Lubart
14. Creative Giftedness: A Multivariate Investment Approach
Mark A. Runco
15. Divergent Thinking, Creativity, and Giftedness
Scott L. Hunsaker, Carolyn M. Callahan
16. Creativity and Giftedness: Published Instrument Uses and Abuses

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