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Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching

Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching
Classroom to Community and Back

Second Edition

November 2010 | 248 pages | Corwin

"This book integrates a self-evaluative framework for making changes and includes tools for improving one's own learning environment."
—Rachel Mederios, ELL Teacher and Building Program Supervisor
Jefferson Elementary School, Boise, ID

"This book is relevant to anyone who acknowledges the diversity within any group of people. The steps are clearly outlined so the practitioner can implement them and meet the needs of every individual."
—Thelma A. Davis, Principal
Robert Lunt Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

Close the achievement gap by closing the culture gap

Teaching children from diverse backgrounds begins with simple questions: What is my culture? What are my students' cultures? How does culture affect how I teach and how my students learn? Can I learn to value and honor the unique experiences and cultures of my students? These are essential questions for educators with a sincere desire to help all students succeed. This comprehensive guide provides detailed examples that show why and how to create culturally responsive, standards-based (CRSB) instruction in the classroom, schoolwide, and at the district level. Results of effective programs include:

  • Increased academic success for all learners
  • Engaged and motivated students
  • Development of critical thinking skills necessary for higher learning
  • Strengthened partnerships between students, families, and communities

This new edition is enhanced with nationwide examples, up-to-date resources, and tools that can be implemented immediately. Principals, administrators, K–12 teachers, curriculum and staff developers, and college instructors will find this handbook a valuable and powerful tool for promoting student engagement and improving struggling schools.

List of Snapshots
List of Tools
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1. Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching
Learning From Students' Lives

Culturally Responsive and Standards-Based Together

Essential Elements

Implementing Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching

Continuum of Options and Opportunities for Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching

2. Taking Stock of Current Classroom Practices
Finding Time and Resources

3. The Foundation for Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching
Getting to Know Your Cultural Self

Building Relationships With Students

Connecting With Families and the Community

Powerful Relationships Can Be Transformational

4. The Environment for Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching
Incorporating Culturally Responsive Materials Into the Environment

Engaging in Conversation

5. Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Curriculum
Using Standards in Curriculum Planning

Adding Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Practices to the Existing Curriculum

Creating Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Lessons and Units

Developing Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Projects

Developing Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Interdisciplinary Activities

6. Assessment and Reflection
Student Assessment


Gathering Feedback From Families

7. Scaling Up: From Schoolwide to State-Level Efforts
Whole-School Focus on Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching and Learning

Effective Ongoing Professional Development

Taking Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Efforts to the District Level

Statewide Efforts

8. Teachers Learning and Growing With Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Teaching

9. Background Research and Theoretical Base
Enhancing Engagement and Motivation in Learning

Creating Academic Rigor and Challenging Curricula

Improving Partnerships With Families and the Community

Glossary of Terms

"This book takes the concept of multiculturalism a step further. It integrates a self-evaluative framework for making changes and includes a selection of tools with which changes or considerations for improvement of one’s own learning environment can be documented."

Rachel Mederios, ELL Teacher and Bldg. Program Supervisor
Jefferson Elementary School, Boise, ID

"The relevancy of this book should be recognized by every reader who acknowledges the diversity within any group of people. The processes are clear and the next steps are outlined so the practitioner can bring this into his/her classroom and meet the needs of every individual."

Thelma A. Davis, Principal
Robert Lunt Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV
Key features
  • Integrates two important aspects of education - culturally responsive teaching and standards-based teaching. 
  • Demonstrates that teaching diverse learners is not antithetical to standards-based instruction.
  • Each chapter demonstrates different ways for teachers to identify the critical components of standards—what the students will learn—to recognize how these components are both intrinsic to and support a culturally responsive curriculum.
  • Contains detailed vignettes from real-life classrooms of how teachers and administrators have incorporated culturally responsive standards-based teaching methods into their curriculum with successful outcomes. 
  • Helps teachers find the time and resources for culturally responsive standards-based teaching: Includes strategies for making small and gradual changes that result in meaningful, personal, and real-world connections for all students.
  • Includes self-assessments, reflection prompts, and checklists

The first edition of Classroom to Community and Back: Using Culturally Responsive, Standards-Based Curriculum contained a set strategies, tools, and resources that tap into students' cultures in a way that enriches the curriculum, expands opportunities for parent and community involvement, and boosts student achievement. The first edition included numerous snapshots of K-12 schools in the northwest states of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Washington where a culturally responsive curriculum is in place.

The second edition includes many of the same resources but offers many new snapshots that captures culturally responsive schools across the country, not just the northwest.

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