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The Reading Puzzle: Comprehension, Grades 4-8

The Reading Puzzle: Comprehension, Grades 4-8

February 2008 | 96 pages | Corwin

A Corwin Press Classroom Activity Book Download a Sample Lesson Plan and Student Activity
Download a Sample Lesson Plan
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Give students the reading skills they need to succeed!

Can all your students read fluently, independently, and with understanding? As puzzle pieces fit together to complete a picture, reading skills are dependent upon one another to make reading meaningful for students. The Reading Puzzle series helps you organize instruction to better develop students' core reading skills—including phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension—to make them successful readers.

Derived from the research-based strategies in Elaine K. McEwan's bestseller Teach Them ALL to Read: Catching the Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks, these standards-based, easy-to-use activities will set students on the course to reading success. This book offers practical techniques that include teacher modeling, guided practice, and independent application, and provides creative reproducibles and ready-to-use tools such as graphic organizers and visual prompts.

Strengthen students' comprehension with these essential cognitive strategies:

  • Questioning: encouraging students to ask questions about what they read
  • Summarizing: helping learners understand and restate the main idea
  • Monitoring: teaching students to think about how and what they read while they read
  • Organizing: inviting learners to represent what they've read in a graphic format

Empower students with the confidence to explore virtually any topic and enjoy the lifetime benefits of reading!

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Questioning Strategy
Summarizing Strategy
Monitoring Strategy
Organizing Strategy

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ISBN: 9781412958295