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Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools

Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools

Second Edition

November 2019 | 184 pages | Learning Matters
Many teachers feel overwhelmed and lack confidence when it comes to dealing with mental health and emotional well-being of children these issues in their classrooms. This text supports schools and teachers to develop strategies to enhance the importance of mental health and emotional well-being, to work on preventative strategies and to support children when they need more intervention. The new edition of this important text is now updated to include coverage on the impact of early life experiences on children's mental health as well as more on the influence of technology and social media. This second edition also comes with a new 'critical thinking' feature that encourages students to reflect on these issues. It outlines lots of effective strategies for working with children who are struggling to manage the school day and offers advice for engaging meaningfully with parents. The final chapter 'Who's looking after who?' reminds the reader that schools should seek to support their staff, as well as their pupils.

1. Children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing
2. Promoting whole school approach
3. Children and young people’s behaviour: what is being communicated and how should we respond?
4. Self-esteem
5. Bullying and promoting resilience
6. Social media, cyberbullying and body image
7. The influence of family mental health
8. The need for inclusion
9. Who’s looking after whom?

This is a really helpful text which covers the importance of considering mental health and wellbeing when teaching in an accessible and realistic manner, the case studies are well written and contemporary and there are lots of really practical ideas for how children can be supported.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
July 8, 2020

Concerns about mental health in children are rising. With the amount of time they spend with children, teachers are best placed to identify any issues and facilitate early intervention.

Dr Lucy Currie
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
October 1, 2019

A really useful book that is easy to navigate and digest

Mr Mark Rimmer
Society , Health & Childhood, Blackpool and the Fylde College
September 24, 2019

This is a helpful book for a new module which I have started this semester. It provides an overview and introductory text for a number of concepts covered within the module.

Mrs Sian Templeton
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
June 25, 2019

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