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Children and Citizenship

Children and Citizenship

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December 2007 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Children and Citizenship offers a contemporary and critical approach to the central debates around notions of children's citizenship. Drawing on different disciplinary perspectives and including contributions by leading scholars in the field, this book makes explicit connections between theoretical approaches, representations of childhood, and the experiences of children themselves, legal instruments, policies, and their implementation. The book contains reflections on the notion of children's citizenship in general as well as in relation to international instruments, in particular the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the case law of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), and EU legislation relating to citizenship and children's rights.

The contributions are structured around the main themes: notions of children's citizenship; constructions of childhood and children's experiences and legislation and policy. In each chapter the authors present complex issues in an accessible way, helping readers to understand notions of children's citizenship that embedded in contemporary debates.

Children and Citizenship is an important and timely book that provides a much needed discussion of children's citizenship and rights, placing proper emphasis on the importance of understanding key theoretical issues and different traditions of (adult) citizenship and including them in contemporary debates about children. Further it makes in-depth examination of how specific images of childhood are embedded in legislation and includes examination of children's experience. It will be invaluable for undergraduate and graduate students across a wide number of disciplines, including health, social work, childhood studies, youth studies, education, social policy, together with policy-makers and practitioners in allied areas.

Jaap Doek
Ruth Lister
Unpacking Children's Citizenship
Andrew Lockyer
Education for Citizenship
Children as Citizens and Political Literacy

Manfred Liebel
Citizenship From Below
Children's Rights and Social Movements

Brian Milne
From Chattels to Citizens? 80 Years of Eglantyne Jebb's Legacy to Children and Beyond
Jane Fortin
Children as Rights Holders
Awareness and Scepticism

Judith Ennew
Children as 'Citizens' Of the United Nations (UN)
Allison James, Penny Curtis And Jo Birch
Care And Control In The Construction Of Childhood
Gill Jones
Youth, Citizenship and the Problem of Dependence
Priscilla Alderson
When Does Citizenship Begin? Economics and Early Childhood
Virginia Morrow
Dilemmas in Children's Participation in England
Antonella Invernizzi
Everyday Lives of Working Children and Notions of Citizenship
Christine Piper
Will Law Think About Children? Reflections on Youth Matters
Helen Stalford
The Relevance of European Union Citizenship to Children
Samantha Clutton
Devolution and the Language of Children's Rights in the UK
Jane Williams and Rhian Croke
Institutional Support for the UNCRC's `Citizen Child'

`This outstanding. It has an excellent grasp of the field and students in fields of both social studies of childhood and children's rights and citizenship will gain a lot from reading and studying the book' - Jens Qvortrup, Professor of Sociology, University of Trondheim

`Anyone who is concerned with citizenship should grapple with the thesis in this collection. This stimulating book will provoke discussion of what is involved in recognising that children are as much part of our society as adults' - Professor Michael Freeman, Editor of International Journal of Children's Rights

This book offers an insight to the child as a citizen and the concept of equality and diversity. This will be an excellent core text for our course where we look to the experiences of children in contempory and historical contexts.

Mrs Catriona Macdonald
Education , University of Aberdeen
November 14, 2011

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