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Coaching - What Really Works

Coaching - What Really Works

May 2021 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is your essential companion to being a coach. Author Jenny Rogers distills her decades of experience to guide you through the challenges and pitfalls, joys and rewards, and dos and don’ts of coaching. Whether you are a qualified coach many years into practice, or a trainee moving into your first placement, the book provides a treasure trove of practical strategies and skills, theories and concepts that will enhance your practice. It captures what it takes to be a successful coach, and will support and inspire you to become a more confident, self-reflective practitioner.  

1. Making sure that you have a real client
2. Drawing those boundaries
3. Negotiating the confidentiality maze
4. Listening for the client’s boundaries
5. Staying within your areas of competence
6. Breaking the boundaries
7. Faking it is not making it
8. Switching off judgement
9. Looking openly at the coach-client relationship
10. Being authentic
11. Exploring the backstory
12. Understanding attachment
13. Becoming trauma-aware
14. Avoiding the lure of rescuing
15. Working with rescuers
16. Coaching the perfectionist
17. Getting away from endless intellectualizing
18. Using psychometrics wisely
19. Giving feedback – carefully
20. Collecting bespoke feedback for clients
21. Understanding that change isn’t as easy as it may look
22. Working with Loss
23. Coaching through crisis
24. Working on life purpose
25. Putting away the toolbox
26. Understanding the challenges of becoming a coach
27. Continuing to learn, staying connected
28. Remembering that you are vulnerable too
29. Getting a supervisor
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An apparently simple text, this one by Jenny Rogers is in reality not only full of considerations and reflections but numerous and effective, bibliographic references, as well as advice and suggestions that arise from professional experience.

Andrea Castiello d'Antonio
ISPER HR Reviews

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