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Contemporary China Studies 1

Contemporary China Studies 1

Four Volume Set
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October 2011 | 1 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

As the most populated nation on earth with the fourth largest economy and the third largest trading country in the world, the study of contemporary China is currently one of the most popular subjects in the academia. The rise of China has fuelled an explosion of studies on its politics, economy and society in the past few decades.

This series, Contemporary China Studies, provides a much needed set of quality references for universities and lecturers to build their curricula and will also be a valuable tool to researchers undertaking a literature review. Furthermore, this series bridges some gaps in the state of the field by being the first to bring together the seminal writings in the field. It contains more than 100 carefully selected articles and book chapters focusing on the politics, economy and society of China since 1949. It will be grouped under two four-volume sets. Each set is self-contained with the first set dealing with politics and the second with economy and society.

Each volume includes a short introduction giving a summary of the existing scholarship on the historical legacies, development trajectory and current debates concerning the particular theme. Moreover, each four-volume set has a general introduction which pulls together the various themes to offer a general overview of the nature and development of the Chinese political order and its economy and society. They aim to show how each theme fits into one another, and how developments in the political, economic and social realms become mutually constitutive or contradictory in the formation of a unique order.

Volume 1: Genesis of the Party-State System and its Changes and Continuity
Volume 2: Changing Modes of Governance and Techniques of Political Discipline
Volume 3: Local Autonomy and the Struggle over Central Authority
Volume 4: Multiculturalism and the Quest for National Unity


The Post-Mao Reforms in Historical Perspective Paul Cohen
Mechanisms for Party Control in the Government Bureaucracy in China A. Doak Barnett
Explaining Politics in the People's Republic of China: The Structural Alternative Avery Goldstein
Informal Politics among the Chinese Communist Party Elite Lowell Dittmer
Ideology and the Demise or Maintenance of Soviet-type Regimes: Perspectives on the Chinese Case Yan Sun
Managing Chinese Bureaucrats: An Institutional Economics Perspective Yasheng Huang
The 'Fragmented Authoritarianism' Model and its Limitations Kenneth Lieberthal
The Chinese Communist Party's Nomenklatura System as a Leadership Selection Mechanism: An Evaluation John Burns
The Soldier and the State in China: The Political Work System in the People's Liberation Army David Shambaugh
Administrative Rationalization and the Reorientation of Government Behavior Dali Yang
Cooptation and Corporatism in China: The Logic of Party Adaptation Bruce Dickson
Adaptive Informal Institutions and Endogenous Institutional Change in China Kellee Tsai
The Erosion of Communist Party Control over Lawmaking in China Murray Scot Tanner
The Structural Strains of China's Socio-legal System: A Transition to Formal Legalism? Jieli Li
Paternalist Terror: The Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries and Regime Consolidation in the People's Republic of China, 1950-1953 Julia Strauss
What the Cultural Revolution Was, and Why It Happened Lynn White
Postrevolutionary Mobilization in China: The One-Child Policy Reconsidered Tyrene White
Reformed Migration Control and New Targeted People: China's Hukou System in the 2000s Fei-Ling Wang
Organized Dependency and Cultures of Authority in Chinese Industry Andrew Walder
Governing Urban China: Labour, Welfare, and the Danwei David Bray
Toward a Government of the Contract: Policing in the Era of Reform Michael Dutton
Shuanggui and Extralegal Detention in China Flora Sapio
The 'Re-education through Labour' System in China's Legal Reform Zou Keyuan
The Chemistry of a Conflict: The Chinese Government and the Falun Gong Patsy Rahn
Dilemmas of 'Thought Work' in Fin-de-Siècle China Daniel Lynch
Shaping the Internet in China: Evolution of Political Control over Network Infrastructure and Content Eric Harwit and Duncan Clark
The Chinese Legal System: Continuing Commitment to the Primary of State Power Pitman Potter
The Reach of the State: A Comparative-Historical Approach to the 'Modernization' of Local Government in China Vivienne Shue
The 'State of the State' Richard Baum and Alexei Shevchenko
From Local Experiments to National Policy: The Origins of China's Distinctive Policy Process Sebastian Heilmann
Playing to the Provinces: Deng Xiaoping's Political Strategy of Economic Reform Susan Shirk
The Evolution of Central-Provincial Fiscal Relations in China, 1971-1984: The Formal System Michel Oksenberg and James Tong
Fiscal Reform and the Economic Foundations of Local State Corporatism Jean Oi
Central-Local Relations in an Era of Fiscal Decline: The Paradox of Fiscal Decentralization in Post-Mao China Christine Wong
Federalism Chinese Style: The Political Basis for Economic Success in China Gabriella Montinola, Yingyi Qian, and Barry Weingast
Competitive Governments, Fiscal Arrangements, and the Provision of Local Public Infrastructure in China: A Theory-driven Study of Gujiao Municipality Carsten Herrmann-Pillath and Feng Xingyuan
Towards a Non-Zero-Sum Interactive Framework of Spatial Politics: The Case of Centre-Province in Contemporary China Linda Chelan Li
The Institutional Logic of Collusion among Local Governments in China Xueguang Zhou
Remaking the Communist Party-State: The Cadre Responsibility System at the Local Level in China Maria Edin
Principals and Secret Agents: Central versus Local Control Over Policing and Obstacles to 'Rule of Law' in China Murray Scot Tanner and Eric Green
China's 'Soft' Centralization: Shifting Tiao/Kuai Authority Relations Andrew Mertha
The Blind Man and the Elephant: Analysing the Local State in China Anthony Saich
China: Erratic State, Frustrated Society Lucian Pye
Ethnic Classification Writ Large: The 1954 Yunnan Province Ethnic Classification Project and its Foundations in Republican-Era Taxonomic Thought Thomas Mullaney
Between Alterity and Identity: New Voices of Minority People in China Nimrod Baranovitch
Islam in China: Accommodation or Separatism? Dru Gladney
China's Strategic Vulnerability to Minority Separatism in Tibet Barry Sautman
Constructing the State in the Tibetan Diaspora Ann Frechette
China's Provincial Identities: Reviving Regionalism and Reinventing 'Chineseness' Tim Oakes
Hèunggóngyàhn: On the Past, Present, and Future of Hong Kong Identity Gordon Mathews
From Nationalism to Nationalizing: Cultural Imagination and State Formation in Postwar Taiwan Allen Chun
Diaspora, Identity and Cultural Citizenship: The Hakkas in 'Multicultural Taiwan' Lijung Wang
Realpolitik Nationalism: International Sources of Chinese Nationalism Lei Guang
How to Understand China: The Dangers and Opportunities of Being a Rising Power William Callahan
Nationalism and Transnationalism in the Globalisation of China Prasenjit Duara
Modernity as History: Post-revolutionary China, Globalization and the Question of Modernity Arif Dirlik

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