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Two million people eligible for weight loss surgery

Los Angeles, CA and London, UK - Two million people in England could be eligible for weight loss surgery according to new research published today by JRSM Open, the open access companion publication of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. The figure far exceeds previous estimates of eligibility.

DWC Core Strategies and Benefits

“There is nothing else in the literature like DWC; it should be required reading for researchers as well as practitioners.” 
William F. Wieczorek, PhD

“DWC will set the standard for a comprehensive, motivational, educational change program the can reduce recidivism and promote meaningful, lasting change for the offenders.” 
Carlo DiClemente, PhD

New cooking training significantly decreases sodium levels in Chinese take-out meals

While Chinese dishes are known to have one of the highest salt contents of all food categories, new research finds that a cooking training for Chinese take-out chefs and restaurant owners can result in substantial reductions in sodium in the foods they serve with no substantial loss of taste. This study was published today in Public Health Reports.

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