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BCJ 2001: Theory and Practices of Law Enforcement

Brandl, Police in America provides students with a comprehensive and realistic introduction to modern policing in our society. Utilizing real-word examples grounded in evidence-based research, this easy-to-read, conversational text helps students think critically about the many misconceptions of police work and understand best practices in everyday policing. Respected scholar and author Steven G.

Brief Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations of Criminal Justice

Chapter 1: Crime, Law and Criminal Justice
Current Controversy 1.1: Is Justice Served by our Criminal Justice System?
Current Controversy 1.2: Does Mental Illness Cause Crime?

Chapter 2: Concepts of Law and Justice 
Current Controversy 2.1: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
Current Controversy 2.2: Should the Miranda Warnings Be Abolished?

BBA 3651: Leadership

Northouse, Introduction to Leadership: Offering a straightforward introduction to the basic principles of leadership, Peter G. Northouse’s Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, Third Edition provides readers with practical strategies for becoming more effective leaders in organizational settings and in their own lives.