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Subscription Pricing for Hybrid Journals

Our Policy 

Our aim is to act in a fair and responsible way to avoid our customers paying twice for OA content via article charges and subscription costs: so called "double dipping."

Reviewer Rewards

We are grateful for the work that all of our reviewers do to help authors to enhance and develop their papers and to support the integrity of the publishing process. We want to recognize and reward the invaluable contribution you provide when you review for Sage. This page outlines what Sage can offer you in return for the time and expertise you offer as a reviewer.

Reviewer Rewards

We are grateful for all our reviewers, as this work really helps authors enhance and develop their papers and supports the integrity of the publishing process.

Meet the LRFO team

Meet the team

Get to know the Library Relations & Faculty Outreach team, email to connect, or request a 1:1 meeting to answer your questions, coordinate a live instruction session, or request additional resource support. Be assured of our commitment to support the introduction and application of your SAGE resources from implementation to beyond. Contact us at or click here to learn more about our offerings.

Six SAGE Publishing textbook and journal authors honored by the American Evaluation Association

SAGE Publishing congratulates its six textbook and journal authors who were honored at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Evaluation 2017 Annual Conference. Recognizing cutting-edge evaluation and research initiatives that have influenced citizens around the world, the awards were bestowed to Thomas Archibald, Stewart Donaldson, Stephanie Evergreen, Rodney Hopson, Michael Quinn Patton, and Abraham Wandersman.

Peer review: Why do it, and how to get involved ?

Why should you become a peer reviewer?

The peer-review process is essential to the development of research across all subject areas, ensuring the integrity of the scientific record, and an important step towards gaining the experience required to join an Editorial Board is to become a strong peer reviewer.

Pure Gold Open Access Journals

The following lists the pure gold open access journals published by Sage. All articles published in the journals provide worldwide, barrier-free access to the full-text of articles online, immediately on publication under a creative commons license. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed retaining the quality hallmarks of the academic publishing process that authors would experience in publishing in any traditional Sage journal.

Rate Cards

The following is a complete list of SAGE journals listed by alphabetic order. Click on each letter then journal title to link to the individual rate card.